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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Nano Road to Hydrogen Highway

Berkeley Lab researchers are finding that the best route forward to the hydrogen highway could be via the nano road. Their studies show that highly dense vertical arrays of nanowires made from silicon cores coated with titanium oxide shells are promising for the production of hydrogen through solar water splitting. The research was led by Peidong Yang of the Materials Sciences Division and done through the Helios SERC program. More>

DOE reportSafety: DOE's Final HSS Report Transmitted to Lab for Corrective Action

DOE has submitted the final report on its independent oversight inspection of the Lab's environment, safety and health programs. The DOE team praised the Lab for "proactively working to improve safety management," for "effective oversight of construction activities," and for its "integrated system of hazard analysis and control for outside users at the ALS." The report also listed 10 major areas of improvement for the Lab to address. Lab Management is in the process of reviewing the findings of the report, and is developing a proposed corrective action plan which will be sent to all stakeholders for review before being submitted to DOE by the June 16 deadline. For the full DOE report, go here. Go here for the transmittal letter and here for the validation appendices.

People: Steven Louie Elected to Arts and Sciences Academy

louieSteven Louie, with Berkeley Lab’s Materials Sciences Division, joins Nelson Mandela, Dustin Hoffman, and Chiron founder Edward Penhoet as new fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. "These remarkable men and women have made singular contributions to their fields, and to the world," said Academy President Emilio Bizzi. "By electing them as members, the academy honors them and their work, and they, in turn, honor us." New members will be inducted during ceremonies scheduled for October. Louie's research interests are in theoretical condensed matter physics and nanoscience. He was part of a team that recently produced the first-ever movie of carbon atoms in action. More>

In The News: Can Small Cars Overcome Crash Fears?

small car[Wall St. Journal] The government's push to decrease the nation's output of greenhouse gases by increasing the fuel efficiency of the cars Americans drive is rekindling an emotional debate: Does driving a small, fuel-efficient car make you more likely to die on the road? Tom Wenzel, with Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division, analyzes vehicle crash data and says better fuel economy and safety can be compatible, provided car makers make smart use of technology and policy makers take steps to reduce the disparity in the size of vehicles on the road. More>

chemicalsEH&S: Important Revisions to Waste Generator Guidelines

The Waste Management Group has revised the Waste Generator Guidelines (Pub 3092) to incorporate a number of changes. These changes include clarifications based on lessons learned, requests for clarifications from Lab staff and researchers, and other editorial changes. Click here to view a summary of these changes and links to the appropriate sections. Questions can be sent to your Generator Assistant.

guardrailFacilities: Section of McMillan Road Closed this Weekend

A 180-foot section of guardrail will be removed and replaced this weekend, which require the closure of McMillan Road near Building 76. Flaggers will direct traffic in that area during the closure. Access to the Grizzly Gate exit as well as buildings above the closure will remain open.

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