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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summary of changes to Pub-3092, Waste Generator Guideline

The following changes have been made to the Waste Generator Guidelines. Click on the title of each summary for more information.

1.1.5 Unknowns
This new section describes the process to be followed when wastes with unknown constituents are found. This is likely to occur when a chemical owner leaves the lab without dispositioning their chemicals or chemical solutions.

1.2 The Importance of the Waste Generator
A paragraph is added to note that the generator of a waste is the most knowledgeable person about that waste and must be relied on to answer questions to help determine appropriate disposal. Hazardous Waste Characterization Criteria and 1.4.1 Electronic Requisition
All references to the handwritten hazardous waste requisition have been removed. Excerpts from the user manual for the electronic hazardous waste requisition have been added. Various charts and other references have either been modified or eliminated. Accumulation logs are not captured electronically and will continue to be faxed to x4838.

1.2.2 Labeling of Waste Containers
Additional detail is added to identify the size at which a container needs to be packaged separately (>60 ml).

1.3.1 Satellite Accumulation Area (SAA)
A sentence is added to clarify that the SAA manager must have Waste Generator Training, (EHS 604). Managing Container in the SAA
A misleading statement on the use of vented caps was removed. A paragraph was added to require benchtop treatment to solutions that may continue to react after use and before they are added to a waste container.

2.6.4 Transuranic (TRU) waste
Information has been added to require information on any sealed or unsealed TRU level (≥100nCi/g) source and the packaging requirements for that source.