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Dance Club
Intermediate Rumba
Bldg. 51 Lobby

Telemedicine: An Evolving Tool for Improving Health Care Access and Delivery
James Marcin, UC Davis
290 HMMB (campus)

12:15 p.m.
Yoga Club
Class with Chris Hoskins
Bldg. 70-191

3 p.m.
XAS and PEEM on Ferroelectric Capacitors Under a Simultaneously Applied Bias Field
Hermann Kohlstedt, Institut fur Festkorperforschung
Bldg. 6-2202


9:30 a.m.
Scientific Support Group
Future Soft and Hard X-Ray Sources

Yves Petroff, MESR
Bldg. 6-2202

Environmental Energy Technologies
The Energy in Western Europe, Spain and Germany: From Renewable Energies to Energy-Saving Programs

Jose MaCampos, Tecnalia Technological Research Corporation, Spain
Bldg. 90-4133

1:30 p.m.
Materials Sciences
New Materials and Concepts for High Efficiency Solar Cells
Wladek Walukiewicz
Bldg. 62-203

4 p.m.
Constraining the Evolution of the Most Massive Galaxies Since z~1

Richard Cool, U. of Arizona
Bldg. 50A-5132

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spacer imageCAFETERIA

Breakfast: Lorraine Omelet with Bacon, Swiss and Onions
Tomorrow's Breakfast: Pumpkin Pecan Pancakes with Sausage
Cultural Cuisine: Curry Chicken with Rice and Veggies
Carvery: Roast Turkey with Two Sides
Pizza: Spinach, Bacon and Blue Cheese
Deli: Roast Beef Prestini with Blue Cheese and Carmelized Onions
Grill: Monte Christo with Fruit Salad

B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Full menu

Cars Failing Smog Tests
May Still Be on the Road
By Steve Lipster


Nearly 9,000 vehicles in the Denver, CO area have "disappeared" after failing their auto-emissions tests last year — at least 200 of which have been spotted out on the roads illegally, according to a new state review. Nationally, between 10 and 15 percent of vehicles that fail initial emissions tests never show up for retesting, said Tom Wenzel, with Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division. "They could be moved out of the area," Wenzel said. "They could be moved out of the state. They could be stored in a garage. And then a certain fraction of those vehicles continue to be driven." While the problem is small, experts say that the dirtiest 10 percent of vehicles generate as much as 50 percent of the area's "mobile-source" pollution, and scofflaws are drawing ever greater scrutiny as the metro area struggles to meet federal pollution standards. Full story.


Google Goal: Renewable
Energy Cheaper Than Coal

Google recently announced a new strategic initiative to develop electricity from renewable energy sources that will be cheaper than electricity produced from coal. The newly created initiative, known as RE<C, will focus initially on solar and wind power technologies, enhanced geothermal systems and other potential breakthrough technologies. In making decisions about investments and grants for energy technologies, Google will work with a variety of organizations, including companies, R&D and government laboratories, and universities. Full story.

10 Questions for EBI
Head Chris Somerville
By Katie Fehrenbacher

The wheels of a $500 million academic and industry collaboration to fight carbon emissions with bioenergy are starting to turn. On Dec. 1 Chris Somerville will officially start his work as the director of the Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI), a first-of-its-kind partnership between energy giant BP, UC Berkeley, the University of Illinois and Berkeley Lab. While Somerville isn’t worried about BP’s influence on the institute, he is concerned that the negative mainstream media discussion of corn ethanol will poison the whole concept of biofuels before researchers get a chance to develop more environmentally attractive practices. Full story.


Purchase Holiday Gifts
At Annual Craft Fair

Employees looking for holiday gifts with a personal touch will have plenty of items from which to choose at the Lab’s annual craft fair on Thursday, Dec. 6, from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. Sponsored by the Employee Activities Association, the fair will feature a variety of handmade goods. For more information, contact Robin Mitchell (x4141).

Free Tickets to Dickens
Fair in San Francisco

The Lab’s Employee Activities Association is offering free tickets to the Dickens Fair at the San Francisco Cow Palace. Tickets are good on Dec. 1 and 2. Half-off tickets are also available for subsequent weekends, Dec. 7-8, 14-15, and 21-22. The EAA is also selling Discovery Kingdom Holiday in the Park tickets for $20. Tickets are valid through Dec. 23. To receive or purchase tickets for either event, contact Arabella Schmidt (x2902).

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