Today at Berkeley Lab nameplate Berkeley Lab
Friday, July 15, 2005

8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Nuclear Science
Symposium Celebrating the 90th Birthday of Albert Ghiorso
Bldg. 50 Auditorium

Yoga Club
Class with Naomi Hartwig ($10/$12)
Bldg. 70A-3377

1:30 p.m.
EHS 802
Reporting Adverse EH&S Occurrences in ORPS
Bldg. 51-201



Yoga Club
Class with Inna Belogolovsky ($10/$12)
Bldg. 70A-3377

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Morning Editions:
Biscuits and Gravy with 2 Eggs
Monday's Breakfast: Sausage Patty and Eggs with Toast
Market Carvery: Lemon and Thyme Roast Chicken with Rice and Veggies
The Fresh Grille: Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich with Fries and Coleslaw

Menutainment: Viva El Burrito 

B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
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Next Summer Lecture:
Seismic Imaging


Seismic imaging of the Earth's interior offers a window into the structure and dynamics of the deep earth, from the crust to the inner core. Barbara Romanowicz, director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, will discuss this research at the next installment of the 2005 Summer Lecture Series next Wednesday at noon. She became chair of UC Berkeley's Department of Earth and Planetary Science in 2002, and joined Berkeley Lab's Earth Sciences Division as an associate staff scientist last year. All employees and guests are invited to bring their lunches to the Building 50 Auditorium presentation.

Communications Theorist
To Speak on July 25


Christopher Rose and Gregory Wright made headlines last year with the proposition that, in trying to contact extraterrestrial civilizations, we might be better off launching information-bearing physical artifacts rather than electromagnetic signals. In a special "World Year of Physics" talk at Berkeley Lab on July 25, Rose will discuss this work on cosmic communications and ideas that are seemingly at odds with current practice. "Write or Radiate? Inscribed Matter vs. Electromagnetic Communication," sponsored by the Life Science Division, begins at noon in the Building 50 Auditorium. Read about Rose here.


UC-Proposed Extension
To Military Pay Policy

Under current University policy, eligible employees who are on active military duty may receive supplemental payments from the University to their military salaries, and a continuation of their UC health-plan benefits. The current program has been extended to August 31, 2005. Because it is the University's continuing desire to assist employees called to active military duty during current and related campaigns, the University is proposing to extend its policy until June 30, 2006, with revisions. Information about the proposed policy may be found here. To comment on this proposed change, send an email or letter by Monday, August 15 to Mary Bishop (MS R939R0200).


Someday, Turning
Fat Cells Lean
By Betsy Mason


Can you imagine being able to turn fat, something that many of us have too much of, into bone or muscle? It's not just a nice dream: UCSF researcher Rik Derynck discovered certain proteins called growth factors can influence whether some cells become fat, bone or muscle. To measure flexibility, strength and other bone properties, Derynck worked with Berkeley Lab material scientists Robert Ritchie and Ravi Nalla, and Advanced Light Source guest Guive Balooch, who have developed technology to analyze the properties of ceramics down to a billionth of a meter. The same electron microscope can be used to measure the mineral in bone. Full story (registration required).


Former Lab Engineer
Vogelsberg Dies


Fred Vogelsberg, a long-time engineer at Berkeley Lab who retired in 1989, died on May 8 at the age of 81. He joined Berkeley Lab in 1952. While here, he worked on the Pulse-Height-Analyzers for the Nuclear Science Division, and radio-frequency induction heaters and large ellipsometer magnets for the Materials Sciences Division. His most notable accomplishment was his contribution to Y.T. Lee's Nobel-prize-winning research on crossed molecular beams. A longer story on Vogelsberg's life and career will appear in the July 22 edition of The View.


AIDS Walk Benefit
Bake Sale is Back

Students in the Summer Fellowship Program will once again be selling baked goods in front of the cafeteria to raise money for their AIDS Walk team. Employees can stop by today between 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Donations will also be accepted, and volunteers can sign up to join the team.

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