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Changes to the UC-managed 403(b) and Defined Contribution (DC) Plan Investment Options in April

In April 2004 UC will be implementing three major changes to the UC-managed funds:

  • The fund mix of the Multi-Asset Fund will be substantially changed, and the fund will be renamed the Balanced Growth Fund.
  • A new fund option, called the TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities Fund) will be offered as both a component of the new Balanced Growth Fund and as a stand alone investment option.
  • The Money Market Fund will be closed, and participant balances and future contributions will automatically be redirected to the Savings Fund.

Participants with Money Market and/or Multi-Asset Fund balances were mailed a letter in the first week of March, explaining the new investment options and what will happen to their balances and future contributions.

The new Balanced Growth Fund is a blended fund composed of three UC funds (65% Equity, 30% Bond and 5% TIPS.) The fund will be rebalance monthly, to prevent the three component funds from growing outside their allocation percentage.

The new UC-managed TIPS Fund invests in inflation-protected securities issued by the U.S. Government, primarily U.S. Treasury bonds whose principal is adjusted for changes in the Consumer Price Index.

Participants who want any of their existing 403(b) or DC Plan balance to be transferred into the new Balanced Growth or TIPS Funds, can do so online now by using the "Your Benefits Online" link on UC's At Your Service Website ( .) Transfers made by March 25 will be processed in April. If participants wish to direct future contributions to either fund, they can do so online, using the At Your Service Website, beginning April 5, 2004.

Please contact the LBNL Benefits Office at ext. 6403 or by e-mail at [email protected] , or UC's Customer Service at 1-800-888-8267, with any questions.


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