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Thursday, October 2, 2003
Only 9 Days Until the Runaround


9 a.m.
EHS 276
Fall Protection
Bldg. 51-201

9:30 a.m.
ALS/SSG Lecture Series
Spin-Resolved Fermi Surface Mapping at the Swiss Light Source
Jürg Osterwalder, Physik-Institut, Universität Zürich
Bldg. 6-2202

11 a.m.
Plastic Deformation in GaN
Dr. Ichiro Yonenage
NCEM Conference Room
Bldg 72-101

1:30 p.m.
College of Chemistry
Nanoparticle Optics for Surface-Enhanced Sensing and Spectroscopy
Richard VanDuyne, Northwestern University
Bldg 66 Auditorium


No events scheduled

Origins: Pasta Bar with Choice of Pasta & Sauces
Fresh Grille: Garden Burger with Guacamole, Salsa and Cheddar
Menutainment: Shrimp Louis
Choice of Roasted BBQ Chicken, Chicken Quesadilla w/Rice & Beans, or Fish and Chips
B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Dinner: 5 - 7 p.m.
Full Menu
Robert C. Dynes Welcomes New Role as UC President

Robert C. Dynes assumes the presidency of the University of California today with pride about the institution’s accomplishments and excitement about its future. “California today is the envy of the world – a testament to the success of innovation, diversity, tolerance, risk-taking, and entrepreneurship. Much of that success simply would not be possible without the University of California and its contributions to education, health care, job creation, and an improved quality of life.” Read his complete address here. A profile on Dynes in the Sacramento Bee can be read here.

NCEM is 20; Rep. Lee
Notes it in Congress

Calling the National Center for Electron Microscopy "one of the world's premier science and research facilities," U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Oakland) placed a resolution in the Congressional Record Tuesday honoring NCEM on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. It was on Sept. 30, 1983, that Berkeley Lab Director David Shirley and distinguished guests from the campus and the Department of Energy dedicated the center, at the time the first of its kind in the United States. Read the Congressional honor (via Acrobat software) here.
World of Science

An NIH Roadmap for
Biomedical Frontier
By Aaron Zitner

Saying that medical breakthroughs are coming less frequently from lone scientists in individual laboratories, the National Institutes of Health on Tuesday unveiled a $2-billion plan that would encourage biologists, computer experts, physicists and other specialists to work together and would provide them with new tools to conduct experiments. "This is truly not business as usual for medical research," said Dr. Elias A. Zerhouni, director of the NIH. The goal, he said, is to move laboratory discoveries more quickly to patients. Full story.

In the News
Ngai and student
Cynthia Douggan
Scientist Explores Gene Expression
By Diana Yee

Imagine examining up to 20,000 or 35,000 genes each day, perhaps even several times a day. For researchers like UC Berkeley neurobiology professor John Ngai, who is also a staff scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Physical Biosciences Division, it is all part of a day's work. Though early in his research, he is optimistic that some day, the understanding obtained from examining these vast amounts of genes in our body can give us the information we need to treat the most serious diseases and cancers. Full story.


UC Appeal Rejected;
Data Must be Disclosed
By Matt Marshall

The California Supreme Court rejected the University of California's final bid Tuesday to avoid releasing financial performance results of private investments it makes on behalf of its thousands of retirees. The decision is significant because it confirms an emerging standard on disclosing such information for public institutions in California -- and elsewhere in the nation. Full story.


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