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Friday, May 16, 2003
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Molecular & Cell Biology Seminar
Dendrite Growth and Synaptogenesis in Zebrafish Optic Tectum
Stephen Smith, Stanford
107 Genetics & Plant Biology Bldg., campus

1 p.m.
Physical Chemistry Seminar
Membrane Protein Structure
Biology and Structural Genomics
Challenges for Solid State NMR

Timothy Cross, Florida State
D64 Hildebrand Hall, campus


1 p.m.
Chemistry Seminar
Towards electronic structure theory of subchemical accuracy
Edward F. Valeev, Georgia Institute of Technology

2 p.m.
Safety Forum
50 Auditorium

4 p.m.
Structural and Quantitative Biology Seminar
TNF-alpha Converting Enzyme: Biogenesis, Activation and Substrate Recognition
Marcos Milla, University of Pennsylvania
775 Tan Hall, campus

4:30 p.m.
Physics Colloquium
P.A.M. Dirac and the Invention of Quantum Mechanics
Kurt Gottfried, Cornell
1 Le Conte Hall, campus

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Soup: Boston Clam Chowder
Origins: Leg of Lamb
Adobe Cafe: Burritos
Fresh Grille: Fresh Salmon
B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
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Image of Duo Wang
Aerosol Duct Sealing Technology
Now Applied to Commercial Buildings

Berkeley Lab scientists have invented an aerosol-based system for sealing the ducts of large commercial buildings. The Mobile Aerosol-Sealant Injection System is based on the aerosol device developed here for sealing ducts and reducing energy loss in residential and small commercial systems, but it incorporates two new patented technologies that permit effective sealing in the larger, more complicated duct systems of commercial buildings. Duo Wang of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division developed the technology, with assistance from Mark Modera, who developed the original sealing system for residences. Full story.
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Image of Allan Chen
Energy ‘Vampires’ Found
In Journalist’s Home

When KPIX-TV reporter Bill Schechner wanted to find out if his appliances and other electrical devices were leaking electricity, he went to the obvious source of the research in this field – Berkeley Lab. With Environmental Energy Technologies communications specialist Allan Chen wielding the test monitor, Schechner surveyed his home and discovered the surprising results. View the news report (with RealPlayer software) here.

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Image of Bo Bodvarsson
Yucca Expert: Heat Will
Blast Away Moisture
By Benjamin Grove

Metal containers of nuclear waste are not likely to corrode in the Yucca Mountain repository tunnels because the casks will be so hot they will blast away moisture for at least 1,000 years, Energy Department officials told a review panel Tuesday. Bo Bodvarsson, division director of earth sciences for Berkeley Lab, said that the tiny amount of water that could seep down into the mountain and into the tunnels would be driven away by heat for at least 1,000 years, possibly 2,500 years, because the Energy Department is embracing a "hot" repository design. Full story.

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Microbial Clean-up Story
Features Lab Scientist

Image of Terry Hazen
MicrobeWorld, a daily radio program aired on National Public Radio and sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology, did a recent report on certain microbes that are masters of recycling and feed on landfills, degrading the contents in a few decades or less. To get the facts, they went to Berkeley Lab’s Terry Hazen, an earth scientist who is also co-director of the Physical Bioscience Division’s Genomes-to-Life project. The report can be heard (with RealPlayer software) by clicking on "Microscopic Trash Compactors" here.
Nanos Made Permanent
Los Alamos Director

Image of George Nanos
University of California President Richard C. Atkinson today (May 15) announced his intention to appoint George P. "Pete" Nanos the permanent director of the UC-operated Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Nanos has served as interim director since Jan. 6. "I had intended to conduct a national search for a new director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, but Pete Nanos’ superb performance over the last several months makes such a process unnecessary," Atkinson said. Full story.
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Safety Forum To Focus
On Moving, Ergonomics

The Directorate, Operations, and Administrative Services Department will be sponsoring a safety forum on Monday that will focus especially on how to move items safely and on a healthy ergonomic work environment. All employees are invited to the 2 p.m. one-hour forum in the Building 50 Auditorium. Speakers include Deputy Director Sally Benson, Peter Lichty (cumulative injuries), Don Van Acker (move smart training), and registered physical therapist Steve Meagher (biomechanics of sitting). A question-answer session will be included.
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