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Monday, June 23, 2003


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EHS 10: Introduction to ES&H

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EHS 604: Hazardous Waste Generator

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EHS 622: Radioactive and Mixed Waste Generator

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EHS 735/738/739: Biosafety/Bloodborne Pathogen

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EHS 730: Medical/Biohazard Waste

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Physics Research Progress Meeting
Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves: First Upper Limits from LIGO
Barry Barish, Caltech

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  PERB Reviews Unit 99 Interest Cards;
  Affected Job List Still Uncertain
On June 9, an article in Today at Berkeley Lab announced that the University Professional and Technical Employees/ Communication Workers of America(UPTE), a labor union/organization, had requested the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) for a ballot to represent Administrative Professionals. A number of people have asked which employees are included in that group. The range of positions possibly affected by this election spans a wide variety of job titles. While a final list of jobs has not yet been determined, some of the specific titles within this group include Accountant, Administrative Specialist, Administrator, Auditor, Budget Analyst, Business Systems Specialist, Computer Systems Engineer, Educational Program Administrator, Subcontracts Administrator, Technical Information Specialist, Regulatory Compliance Engineer/Specialist and Writer/Editors.

For a union to activate the process for exclusive representation of a bargaining unit, it must first obtain at least 30 percent of the proposed unit's signatures. Over the past year, UPTE has been collecting signatures on authorization or interest cards in preparation for its petition to PERB.

Currently, PERB is analyzing the authorization cards that UPTE has submitted in support of its petition to represent Administrative Professionals. If UPTE does not meet the 30 percent threshold and PERB finds the proof of support deficient, it may allow UPTE 10 days to provide proof of support. During that time, UPTE may collect more signatures on authorization cards to demonstrate support for its proposed unit.

If UPTE meets the 30 percent threshold, PERB then must determine the unit in which an election would be held. This process would involve deciding what classifications of employees would be included or excluded, whether the unit would be systemwide in scope or possibly limited to individual locations, and whether certain employees are supervisors or confidential employees. Once a unit is determined, it is likely that an election would be set, which PERB would supervise and conduct.

Under the Higher Education Employer-Employee Act (HEERA), all non-managerial, non-confidential employees have the right to form, join and participate in union activities, or to refuse to do so.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.
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