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Monday, February 24, 2003
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4:30 p.m.
Department of Physics
Imaging the Early Universe with ACBAR
William Holzapfel, UCB
1 Le Conte Hall


10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
TSC Telephone Coordinator Training
Building 50 Auditorium

4 p.m.
Life Sciences Division
Priscilla Cooper, Cell and Molecular Biology
Building 66 Auditorium

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Soup: Garden Vegetable
Origins: NE Pot Roast
Adobe Cafe: Cheese Tortellini
Fresh Grille: Philly Cheese Steak

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‘Smart Dust’ To Aid
Military, Civilian Users

By Charles Lee

Image of a U. S. cent with 'smart dust'

Intelligence is arguably the most precious commodity in war. Thanks to some intrepid UC Berkeley researchers, our armies of the future can have thousands of tiny eyes all over the battlefield. "These are miniature computers. You can get complete computers today on something less than a cubic inch in size -- and (they are) continuing to get smaller," said David Culler, who holds a joint appointment at UC Berkeley and in the Lab's Computational Research Division. (2/19/03). Full story.

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Image Processing
Yields Nanoscale Insights

By Hassaun Jones-Bey

Improvements in electron microscopy and image-processing techniques have
enabled researchers at Berkeley Lab to image Brownian motion in molten lead as well as skeletal details of protein cells down to a resolution of 0.8 nm.
Full story

Lab Connections To UC
Extensive, Stats Show
UC logo Berkeley Lab logo
Recent Congressional inquiries about the value of University of California affiliation with the national laboratories can be answered at Berkeley Lab with several statistical measures, including:
  • Joint faculty-scientist appointees with UC campuses: 259
  • Postdoctoral guests from UC: 197
  • Graduate students from UC on payroll: 314
  • Undergraduate students from UC on payroll: 194
  • Scientific participating guests from UC: 581
  • UC users at national facilities (ALS, NCEM, NERSC, 88-inch): 469

Foundry, Scientists Featured In DOE Nano Workshop

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Berkeley Lab's forthcoming Molecular Foundry and two of its leading scientists are featured this week in the DOE's Nanoscale Science Research Centers Workshop in Washington, D.C. Thursday's program includes presentations by Materials Sciences Division Director Paul Alivisatos and researcher Gabor Somorjai. Hundreds of prospective national users of the five DOE nanoscience centers will participate in a forum for communication on nanoscience among agencies, policymakers, and the scientific community. A workshop program can be found here.

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Funeral Mass Tonight
For Lab Engineer

Services will be held tonight for Patrick Gamman, an engineer in the Materials Coating Laboratory, who passed away suddenly last Wednesday. Gamman, 54, of Concord, had worked for the last two years in Building 25. The funeral mass will be held at 7 p.m. at St. Mary Magdalen Church, 2005 Berryman at Milvia in Berkeley. Friends and co-workers are invited to attend.

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Road Closure

  • Road N next to Buildings 6 and 37 will be closed to traffic (except emergency vehicles) tomorrow and Wednesday due to construction activities for the Building 6 Southside Expansion project. Traffic to the Building 80 parking lot will be rerouted to Road N1. Parking spaces along Road N1 will be barricaded to allow two-way traffic.
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