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Friday, August 15, 2003


10:30 a.m.
Theoretical and Applied Aspects of NESTOR: A Compact Electron Storage Ring X-Ray Source Incorporating Strong Laser-Electron Interaction Dynamics
Dr. Andrey Zelinskiy, Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology
Building 71-264


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Northeast Blackout Prompts Calls to Lab Energy Experts

The massive power blackout that struck the northeastern United States and parts of southern Canada yesterday brought a high volume of phone calls from the media to Berkeley Lab. Experts here in our Environmental Energy Technologies Division, such as Joe Eto, program manager for the Consortium for Electric Reliability Solutions (CERTS), were asked to explain how power grids work and how a single failure event can cascade into a series of failures on the scale experienced yesterday. Among the callers was Ian Hoffman, science reporter for the Oakland Tribune. The story can be read here.

In the News

UC Berkeley Beginning Layoffs

With the state budget finalized, UC Berkeley will begin implementing some employee layoffs as part of an overall strategy to meet an estimated $25.5 million cut in state funding for fiscal year 2003-04. The number of people who will be laid off or face involuntary reductions in time is not yet fully known. It is anticipated that the campus as a whole will be eliminating the equivalent of more than 200 full-time positions. Many of these are vacant positions that have been left open in anticipation of state funding cuts. Full story.

UCB Arborist Launches Campus Tree Fund

The lofty trees and lush greenery of the University of California, Berkeley, campus make a lasting impression on visitors and students alike, but what people don't see are the many empty niches left by trees that have died and not been replaced. Now, a campus arborist has launched the Tree Fund, a grass-roots campaign to raise money to buy and plant trees to replace those lost to disease, and to take more intensive care of the campus's oldest and most cherished trees. Full story.


Check On Line for Micron Software Compliance

The Desktop Support Group often gets this question: "What software and hardware was purchased with my Micron PC?" It’s a good question, because organizations often obtain computers that have been passed down from other users or picked up from excess property, and it's important to ensure that only software licensed to that computer is being used on the system. Check out this recent article in Computing and Communications News to learn how to get information about your computer and ensure your software is in compliance.


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