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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

table imageResearch Update: Invisibility Shields One Step Closer

UC Berkeley researchers — including Berkeley Lab materials scientist Xiang Zhang — have for the first time engineered 3-D materials that can reverse the natural direction of visible and near-infrared light, a development that could help form the basis for higher resolution optical imaging, nanocircuits for high-powered computers, and, to the delight of science-fiction and fantasy buffs, cloaking devices that could render objects invisible to the human eye. More>

tabl imageIn The News: Lab Physicist Featured in PBS Story on Collider

The Public Broadcasting System’s NewsHour with Jim Lehrer recently featured a story on the impending launch of the Large Hadron Collider. Among experts commenting on this historic event is Berkeley Lab physicist Michael Barnett, who discusses safety issues and the excitement among researchers involved with the project. More>

tabl imageIT: Many Lab Websites Down Between 3 and 5 p.m. Friday

To accommodate a move from the datacenter in Building 937 (downtown) to Building 50B, more than 100 Lab websites supported by IT’s Institutional Systems (IS) will be out of service on Friday between 3 and 5 p.m. Among the services affected are the Lab’s calendar of events, portions of the Office of the Chief Financial Officer website, the Ergonomic Evaluation Training Center, and the Flea Market classified ads. More>

tabl imageSafety Note: Job Hazards Analysis Deadline is Sept. 30

The new Jobs Hazards Analysis (JHA) system is now fully operational and ready to help employees perform their jobs more safely. Per the Lab’s contract with the Department of Energy, all staff are required to take the JHA by Sept. 30, but the sooner JHAs are completed, the sooner members of the Lab community can ensure they are working under the safest possible conditions. More>

Special Event: Cal Hosts Parallel Boot Camp August 25–26

The Parallel Computing Lab (ParLab) at UC Berkeley is offering a free two-day short course on parallel computing called “Parallel Boot Camp” August 25 and 26. The class takes place in 306 Soda Hall. Berkeley Lab researchers, guests and students are invited to participate. More>

Site Access: Badge Office Closed on Friday; Reopens at 1 p.m. Monday

The Lab’s Badge Office, located in the Building 65A trailer, will be closed all day Friday and until 1 p.m. on Monday to accommodate system software upgrades.  For more information, call x4855.

In Memoriam: Full Obituary for Neil Bartlett Now Available

As announced in Monday’s Today at Berkeley Lab, chemical scientist Neil Bartlett passed away last Tuesday. UC Berkeley’s News Center has prepared a full obituary of Bartlett, which is available here.