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Monday, March 15, 2010


Defending Einstein on the Cosmic Scale

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After more than 90 years, Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which explains gravity in terms of the curvature of space by mass, is still the basis of our understanding of how gravity works to shape the cosmos. But in an attempt to explain away dark matter and dark energy, some theorists have tried to improve on Einstein with modified theories of gravity. In work inspired by Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley cosmologist Uros Seljak, a recent study combining measurements of galaxy clustering, the growth of large-scale structure in the universe, and weak gravitational lensing shows that at least one of the new theories is wrong. Dark matter is safe; defending dark energy will take a lot more data. More>

Employee Activity: Heart Strings Project Off to Great Start

Tech TransferThe Berkeley Lab Chemo Cap Project (a charity knitting and crochet project) has taken a new name: Heart Strings. Heart Strings creates a wide variety of items for different communities, including caps, scarves, and socks for the homeless, newborn blankets for sick babies, pet blankets for animal shelters, and caps and prayer shawls for cancer patients. The group encourages both experienced and “newbie” craftspeople to join the project. Learn new skills and make new friends in a fun, rewarding environment. Read more here and here. For more info, email Cynthia Sylvester at [email protected].

Tech TransferIn the News: Lab Scientist Looks for Randomness in Pi

“Pi Day” was yesterday, March 14. According to a CNN article on this number that has long captivated imaginations, David Bailey, Chief Technologist of the Computational Research Division, has been working on pi studies for years, including whether pi is truly random. "For all we know, just out beyond where we calculated, there are no more 5s," he said. More>

In the News: Lab’s Particle Adventure Website is Highlighted by VOA

particleadventure imageVoice of America chose The Particle Adventure as its website of the week. Started more than twenty years ago as a Hypercard program, The Particle Adventure is an interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, dark matter and more from the Lab’s Particle Data Group. Physicist Michael Barnett, one of the scientists behind the website, explains how it works. More>

Tech Transfer: Berkeley Lab Start-up Artery Therapeutics Collaborates with Roche

Artery Therapeutics signed a deal with Swiss drug giant Roche on Feb. 10 to collaborate on the development of ApoA-I peptide mimetics for cardiovascular disease treatment. The ApoA-I peptide mimetics technology was originally developed by Staff Scientist John Bielicki of the Life Sciences Division. In 2006, Artery Therapeutics licensed it to develop AT5261, a lead compound for the treatment of atherosclerosis and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events in patients who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. More>

Payroll: March Tax Workshop for Nonresidents

The Payroll and International Researchers and Scholars Offices will conduct a Nonresident International Tax Workshop on March 19 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Building 54-130 (Perseverance Hall). An overview of tax forms, tax treaties, and resources for international scholars, students, and researchers will be provided. Attendees can also get answers to visa questions relating to nonresident taxation issues.

UC: Campus Closed Next Week

The UC Berkeley campus will be on furlough the week of March 22-26. All campus buildings will be shut down and not receiving deliveries. Contact Lab Receiving at x4935 or [email protected] to arrange for pick-ups of time-sensitive materials. If possible, work with Lab Procurement to schedule vendor ordering/deliveries to occur prior to or at the conclusion of the campus furlough to ensure expedient delivery of your materials. Transportation will resume full delivery service to campus beginning March 29.

HR Employee Activity: Costco Rep Here Tuesday; Discount Memberships Offered

A representative from COSTCO will be in the cafeteria lobby from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Costco memberships will be offered to Lab employees at a discount; applications must be completed in person. For more info, call x6997.

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