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Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009


Honoring Lab Staff Who Are Veterans


Today is Veteran’s Day, a time to honor those who have served our country in military duty. The Lab’s Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office would like to acknowledge the contributions of the 100 plus Lab employees who are veterans. The Lab’s veteran population includes those who served in ground, naval and air active duty, fought in Vietnam, and received medals for their participation in a military operation. Go here to view a photo of Lab veterans and a list of some staff who have self-identified as veterans via Human Resources.

People: Mina Bissell’s Impact on Breast Cancer Research

Mina BissellThe National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization just celebrated its 25th anniversary. Since that campaign began, the conversation about breast cancer has significantly changed — moving beyond genetics to include the cellular microenvironment and other factors, with profound implications for breast cancer awareness and therapies. It is widely recognized that the research of Mina Bissell, a Berkeley Lab Distinguished Scientist, has been a primary reason behind this change in the breast cancer conversation. More>

Rosio AlvarezPeople: Lab’s Chief Information Officer Wins ’Best Publication’ Award

An article written by Rosio Alvarez, the Lab's Chief Information Officer, was voted one of the five best publications in 2008 by the Information Systems Journals’ Senior Scholars Best Publications Committee. Her paper is titled "Exploring Technology, Structure and Identity During Enterprise System Implementation." The journals' editors nominated 50 papers and the committee selected winning papers on the basis of overall contribution to the Information System (IS) field. The scholars were asked to consider each article's importance as a contribution to practice in the IS field, its importance as a contribution to theory in the IS field, the uniqueness and originality of the ideas, and the quality of the arguments when they voted.

Tech TransferTech Transfer: Online Information on Reporting, Patenting Inventions

Are publishing and patenting compatible? What constitutes an invention and when do I report one? Answers to these questions can be found on the Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management website. Under the “For Researchers” section, you will find information on the essentials you need to know to protect intellectual property rights, the technology transfer and commercialization process, and necessary forms.

Employee Development: Workshops Help Supervisors Improve Skills

Want to improve your skills in giving feedback or leading and motivating employees? Check out two Berkeley Lab Learning Institute (BLI) workshops coming up in December, designed for both scientific and operations supervisors. Get valuable tips and tools at Performance and Career Mentoring Conversations (BLI0130), a two-and-a-half hour workshop on Wednesday, Dec. 2 (no charge). Learn and practice effective leadership essentials at the two-day Fundamentals of Leading and Motivating People (BLI0121) on Tuesday and Wednesday, Dec. 8 and 9 ($300 Division recharge). Registration required.

RadiationPeople: Radiation Protection Professionals Honored This Week

Nov. 8 through 13 has been designated National Radiation Protection Professionals Week, created to recognize the commitment of those who practice in this field. It coincides with the discovery of x-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen on Nov. 8, 1895. The Lab’s Radiation Protection Group consists of 30 people who provide technical assistance and ensure that all work is performed safely, efficiently and in compliance with applicable regulations and guidelines. They authorize work and manage the Lab’s inventory of radioactive and nuclear material, among other activities.

HR Benefits: It’s a Fact…

Some of the Lab’s medical plans require you to select a primary care physician (PCP). You may choose a different PCP for each family member or the same PCP for the entire family. If you do not select a PCP, your medical plan will assign one to you. You may change your PCP during the year by calling the plan directly. For more information, contact the Lab's Benefits Office (x6403).

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