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Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009

Honoring Lab Staff Who Are Veterans


Row One (l-r): Diana Attia, Charles Green, Phillip Weiss, Sam Houston, Michael Sawada, Raymond Low;
Row Two: Shawn Roe, Carelton Falzone, Michael Barry, Dave Busby, Dan Lunsford, Dennis Styles, Joseph Reilly
Row Three: Ron Acord, William Milligan, Richard Celestre


Lab Veterans

(not all staff agreed to have their names posted)

Ron Acord
— Environmental Health & Safety
Aaron Albers — Material Sciences
Diana Attia — Physics
Barry Bailey — Engineering
Steve Bakaley — Information Technology
Dennis Baker — Information Technology
Michael (Mike) Barry — Engineering
Brian Bentley — Engineering
Patricius (Rick) Bloemhard — Advanced Light Source
Fred Burt — Facilities
David Busby — Information Technology
Patrick Casey — Engineering
Richard Celestre — Advanced Light Source
Paul (Steve) Cotter — Computational Research
Thomas Donovan — Environmental Health & Safety
Michael Dupray — Environmental Health & Safety
Michael Elmore — Information Technology
Nicholas (Nick) Everson — Genomics
Carleton Falzone — Material Science
USABill Fortney — Computing Sciences
James Gagliardi — Computational Research
Charles Green — Facilities
Russ Guidi — Facilities
Joseph (Joe) Gustavson — Facilities
Terrence (Terry) Hamilton — Directorate
Derrol Hammer — Office of Chief Financial Office
Charles (Roy) Hannaford — Engineering
Deb Heller-Evans — Computational Research
Sam Houston — Environmental Health & Safety
Ronald Huesman — Life Sciences
Raymond Low — Engineering
Dan Lunsford — Environmental Health & Safety
John Patrick McKean — Engineering
William Milligan — Environmental Health & Safety
Arthur Pierce — Information Technology
Thomas Reese Jr. — Facilities
Mark Regis — Engineering
Joseph Reilly — Environmental Health & Safety
Shawn Roe — Environmental Health & Safety
George Rosas — Facilities
Michael Sawada — Engineering
Robert Shannon — Engineering
Steve Sohner — Environmental Health & Safety
Dennis Styles — Office of Chief Financial Office
Phil Weiss — Office of Chief Financial Office

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