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Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2009


Planck, NERSC Map Cosmic Microwave Background

Armed with a new spacecraft called Planck and supercomputers at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), located at Berkeley Lab, astronomers around the world hope to make tremendous strides toward illuminating the nature and origins of mystifying "dark" materials by creating high-resolution maps of extremely subtle variations in the temperature and polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background, which is leftover light from the Big Bang that permeates the universe. More>

plaqueSpecial Event: Lab Dedicates Plaque Honoring Nuclear Workers

Last month, Department of Energy Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman announced the designation of Oct. 30 as the National Day of Remembrance for nuclear weapons and program workers and uranium miners, millers and haulers. In recognition of the event, the Lab last Friday unveiled a plaque that will be installed near the Redwoods in Old Town (pictured). The U.S. Senate approved the commemoration (S. RES.151) on May 22. “This act of Congress affords us all the opportunity to recognize and honor the men and women who tirelessly served our country by building and maintaining our nuclear forces during World War II through the Cold War and continuing today,” said Poneman.

verbruggeSpecial Event: EETD Lecture on Battery Technology

Mark Verbrugge, a researcher with the General Motors Research and Development Center, will present a talk on "Electrochemical Energy Storage Technologies and the Automotive Industry: Drivers, Needs, and Recent Research Results" on Monday, Nov. 9, at noon in the Building 66 Auditorium. The presentation is part of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division’s Distinguished Lecture Series. Verbrugge will discuss global energy challenges, trends in personal transportation, and provide an overview of technology associated with lithium ion batteries for traction applications. More>

Emergency Preparedness: Nearly 90 Percent of Staff Participated in Earthquake Drill Last Month

duck cover holdDuring the Great California Shakeout earthquake drill that took place last month, about 88 percent of Lab employees participated. And more than 80 percent completed a survey evaluating the drill, in accordance with a DOE order that requires every Lab building to conduct at least one evaluated evacuation drill each year. Survey respondents provided comments and suggestions on the public address system, communication at the assembly areas, and disaster response training, among other topics. Survey results will be used to improve future emergency response at the Lab.

zumba logoEmployee Activity: Dance Club Hosts Zumba Class, American Tango Lessons

Starting tomorrow, the Lab’s Dance Club will sponsor a four-week Zumba class. The aerobic dance form features Latin music and hip-hop moves guaranteed to burn calories. The class takes place Thursdays at noon in Building 76-235. The club is beginning its next ballroom dance session, focusing this time on American Tango. Lessons take place on Mondays, with practice sessions on Wednesdays (same time and location as Zumba classes).

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