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Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2009


Qualified staff are encouraged to apply for the jobs below, or forward to others who might be interested. Go here to see a full listing of open positions.

Magnetic Systems/FEL Postdoc Fellow (Engineering) Knowledge of magnetic systems, free-electron lasers, cryogenics systems, and superconducting magnet technology is desirable. Recent Ph.D. in mechanical engineering or accelerator physics.

Divisional Fellow (Genomics) Seeking an early career scientist with outstanding promise to direct a genomics-based research program in the study of either plants, microbes, metagenomes, or genome informatics.

Health Physicist (EH&S) Provide operational and technical oversight of the Radiation Dosimetry Program, including whole body, extremity, and area monitoring, as well as integration with internal dosimetry.

HPC Scientific User Services Engineer (IT) Provide high performance computational resources and related support services to LBNL and UC researchers.

Principal Research Associate
(EETD) Diversified skills in software development, energy analysis, and heat transfer.

safety guyProfiles in Safety: Engineering Division Upgrades the ALS Without Downsizing Safety

Recently, the Advanced Light Source moved into a new operational mode called “Top-Off,” which provides users with a constant high level of photon flux through continuous injection of electrons into the storage ring. The project represented a major upgrade to the ALS facility but presented some unique operational safety challenges because the beamline personnel-safety shutters now had to remain open during injection into the storage ring. More>

glacierResearch: B-ISICLES Project to Improve Accuracy of Ice Sheet Models

One of the most cited examples of global climate change is retreating ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland. But the details of how fast they are melting are a mystery that may be solved with a new generation of computer simulations. Researchers from the Lab’s Computational Research Division and Los Alamos Lab are collaborating to develop parallel adaptive mesh refinement techniques for the Community Ice Sheet Modeling code known as GLIMMER-CISM. More>

telescopeSpecial Event: Science at the Theater Event a Smashing Success

Berkeley Lab’s Oct. 26 Science at the Theater event on “What Science Tells Us About the Hidden Universe” was a smash hit. More than 600 people packed the Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and over a hundred people had to be turned away. To help entertain those waiting in a very long line to enter the theater, Public Affair’s Doug Isbell offered up his telescope for some sidewalk astronomy (pictured). Those unable to attend the event can watch a video of the panel discussion. More>

Safety: Use of J Parking Lot as Short Cut is Prohibited

Some employees have been observed driving through the J parking lot, located near the Y split at Lawrence and McMillan Roads, as a shortcut. Some enter from the top opening of the lot and exit downhill onto Lawrence, while others enter from the bottom and exit uphill onto McMillan. Such maneuvers are unsafe and illegal. Security rovers will be monitoring the area and members the UC Police Department, who regularly patrol the Lab, have been alerted and will issue tickets.

treeUC Update: System Strengthens Sustainability Commitment

The University of California has expanded its sustainability policy, raising the bar on green building requirements and establishing one of the most comprehensive sustainable food service policies of any university in the country. The Policy on Sustainable Practices applies to all 10 UC campuses, the five UC medical centers and Berkeley Lab. More>

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