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Permanent Records at NARA

The Lab stores it’s records at the Federal Records Center in San Bruno California.  This includes it’s permanent, historically valuable records.  When the latter are 25 years “old” (25 years from the closing date of the records) they are transferred to the local National Archives at San Bruno.  Below is a list of the permanent, historically valuable records stored at the local National Archives.  A list of those records still at the FRC is available here.  For access to the records listed below contact the National Archives at [email protected].


ARO-19 Scientific Papers of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-71 Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Bulletin & Calendar
ARO-76 Program for Environmental Research R&D Program Planning
ARO-81 Bevatron Improvement Program R&D Project Case Files
ARO-84 184 Inch Cyclotron History Conversion of 72″ Bubble Chamber to 82″ Bubble Chamber
ARO-92 Plasma Physics Experimental Logbooks
ARO-108 Omnitron Plans & Proposals
ARO-109 60″ Cyclotron Report
ARO-126 HILAC (Heavy Ion Accelerator) Mechanical Drawings–Engineering Drawings of SuperHILAC Magnets
ARO-153 SuperHILAC Drawings of Rudin M. Johnson
ARO-156 LBL Master Film Reels & Index. Collection III
ARO-178 184 Inch Cyclotron Electronics Maintenance Engineering Notes
ARO-190 Bevalac Research and Development Notebooks and Operational Notebooks
ARO-191 Bevatron Electronics Maintenance Shop Shutdown of Beam 31
ARO-202 Installation Shop Logbooks
ARO-205 Office of Educational & Cooperative Research Program with Minority Institutions Files
ARO-218 Bevatron Mechanical Engineering Accelerator Administration: Improvements and Conversions Including the Vacuum Improvement Project
ARO-220 Bevatron (Magnet) Motor  Generator (MG) Files
ARO-242 R & D Technical Report Files–Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg Journals (PUB-676)
ARO-263 Budget Records
ARO-265 Visiting Scientist Mikio Yamashita’s Cosmic Ray Neutron Production Study Files
ARO-271 Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg’s Journals 1976
ARO-291 Bevatron Mechanical Engineering Notes and Magnet Area Survey Files
ARO-292 Bevalac Biomedical Experiments Users Files
ARO-297 Early Bevatron Operating Procedures and Reports
ARO-302 Bevatron Settlement Survey Results & Improvements
ARO-323 Bevatron Plunging Magnet and Bevatron Injector Project Control Files
ARO-359 Mechanical Engineering Records, Bevatron
ARO-368 Laboratory Notebooks of Basil Gavin
ARO-387 Electrical Engineering R&D Technical Documents of Early Lab Projects
ARO-393 HILAC and SuperHILAC (Heavy Ion Accelerator) Photographs
ARO-407 Unilac German Plans for a Wideroe Linac Injector
ARO-427 HILAC (Heavy Ion Accelerator) Power Supply Engineering Files of Gordon Harding
ARO-428 E 228H, E 232H, E 400H, and E 401H Streamer Chamber and Spark Chamber Experimental Project Case Files
ARO-436 Bevatron Engineering Laboratory Notebooks
ARO-437 Bevatron Improvement Program Meeting Minutes
ARO-439 Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator (HILAC) and SuperHILAC Operations Administrative Files
ARO-441 Magnet Design Files
ARO-443 Early Bevatron Drawing Lists
ARO-510 Office of Assessment and Assurance Administrative Files
ARO-545 Space and Personnel Census Reports
ARO-651 Glenn T. Seaborg – Nuclear Chemistry Division Records
ARO-652 John J. Livingood’s Individual Scientist’s Files
ARO-653 Atomic Energy Commission Files of Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-677 The Magnet Newspaper
ARO-690 Bevatron and HILAC Drawings
ARO-693 Bevatron Write Ups of Notes of John Staples’ Group
ARO-699 Bevatron Electronics Engineering Files of Don Evans
ARO-724 Sound Recordings of Branko Leskovar
ARO-730 Energy Research Advisory Board (ERAB) Files of Dr. Melvin Calvin
ARO-743 Lantern Slides, Negatives, Photographs of Dr. Melvin Calvin
ARO-793 Bevatron Magnet Data & Maintenance Records
ARO-827 Electronic Engineering Records, Cross Connections Diagrams
ARO-857 SuperHilac Mechanical Engineering Drawings
ARO-884 Magnet Newspaper Index
ARO-906 G. Bernard Rossi Logbook
ARO-914 Budget Estimates and Justification Files
ARO-915 Mechanical Engineering Notes, Drawings and Title Lists
ARO-917 MFE Mechanical Engineering Drawings
ARO-921 Research Logbooks of Patricia Durbin’s Group
ARO-928 Electron-Positron Storage-Ring Facility R&D Program Planning Records
ARO-938 Bevatron/Bevalac Mechanical Engineering Project Files of Roger Dwinell
ARO-945 Bevalac Electronics Engineering Design Files of Tom McGathen
ARO-997 Crocker Laboratory R&D Photographs of Early Nuclear Medicine Studies
ARO-1033 Bevalac Code Stencils and Schematics Drawings
ARO-1034 SuperHilac Oversized Mechanical Engineering Drawings
ARO-1065 China Revisited, May 17, 1978 – June 11, 1978
ARO-1066 Metallurgical Technical Documents of Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-1085 Engineering Accelerator Design Files
ARO-1237 Synchrotron Accelerator R&D Design Documentation
ARO-1254 Bevatron Electronics Maintenance;  Bevalac Main Control Room Operating; and Motor Generator Logbooks
ARO-1255 Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator (HILAC) Log Books
ARO-1256 Bevatron Electronics Maintenance and Bevalac Main Control Room Operating Logbooks
ARO-1258 Bevatron Logbooks
ARO-1259 200 GeV Accelerator Studies R&D Technical Documents
ARO-1264 Committee Notes and Correspondence Dr. Andrew M. Sessler
ARO-1284 SuperHILAC Program Advisory Committee Records
ARO-1286 PEP TPC R&D Administrative Files
ARO-1291 One-quarter Scale Bevatron Logs
ARO-1292 HILAC Ion Source Development Logbook. Basil F. Gavin
ARO-1302 Bevatron/Bevalac R&D Project Case Files
ARO-1304 Bevalac Reports
ARO-1309 Schedules and Accounting for SuperHILAC and Bevatron / Bevalac of Fred Lothrop
ARO-1311 Biomedical Proposals
ARO-1314 HILAC Budgetary and Operational Administration Records
ARO-1321 Positron Electron Project (PEP) R&D Administrative Files, Technical Memos
ARO-1324 Accelerator Studies R&D Technical Files of David Judd
ARO-1327 200 BeV Accelerator Study Records. E.J. Lofgren
ARO-1335 Experiment Log Books of Physicist Bruce Cork.
ARO-1391 Accounting Records – Historical
ARO-1497 Approved Funding Program
ARO-1498 Budget Files (Historical)
ARO-1499 Budget
ARO-1500 Budget Submission from FY 1962 to FY 1981 & Financial Plans from 1977 to 1980
ARO-1516 “The First Cyclotron”
ARO-1519 Bio-Organic Chemistry Group Files [Dr. Melvin Calvin Records]
ARO-1524 Report of Investigation on Fire in Bldg. 8
ARO-1525 Litigation Files, 1952-1968
ARO-1526 Sub-Contract Files, 1952 – 1968
ARO-1528 W.D. Douglass (Dirtector’s Office) Legal Files
ARO-1529 R&D Administrative Files for Prime Contract 48
ARO-1557 Atomic Energy Commission Manuals
ARO-1560 PEP Program Files
ARO-1562 Manhattan Engineering District Records
ARO-1566 Contractor Procurement System Review
ARO-1657 Human Subject Projects / Protocol
ARO-1658 Animal and Human Use Program Administrative Records
ARO-1663 Environmental Health and Safety Film Footage
ARO-1876 Shielding Block Records [Hist. Standards]
ARO-1885 R&D Declassified Technical Reports
ARO-1887 Design Calculations & Records.  LH2 Target & 50 MeV Linac
ARO-1893 35 mm Microflim Copies of Engineering Drawings
ARO-1894 35 mm Microfilm Copies of Engineering Drawings
ARO-1896 Mircofilm, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Drawings
ARO-1897 Drawing Title Lists
ARO-1898 Jack V. Franck, Scientific Engineer’s Records.  Telescope systems Design Drawings
ARO-1899 D-Zero Calorimeter Engineering Notes
ARO-1901 Drawngs of HILAC Injector Terminal, Ion Source – Sputter
ARO-1902 Conceptual Design and Preliminary Drawings of SuperHilac operating Machines and Experiments
ARO-1903 Corum’s Illustration and Art Work for Element 106 Discovery
ARO-1908 200 BeV R&D Program Planning Files
ARO-1969 Positron-Electron Program PEP Engineering Drawings
ARO-1981 Time Projection Chamber Project Case Files [Paul Hernandez Records]
ARO-2125 Glenn T. Seaborg. History of the Met Lab Section C-1. & Test Ban (1942-1946) Publication Records
ARO-2134 Reports of the 23rd International Conference on High Energy Physics
ARO-2136 LBL Film Clips
ARO-2137 LBL Film Collection I Originals and Work Prints
ARO-2138 LBL Film Collection II Masters & Working Prints
ARO-2174 Omitron Schematic Plans
ARO-2175 Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Design / Proposal Records
ARO-2202 60 Inch Cyclotron Records
ARO-2215 Donner Laboratory Movie Tapes, Series A
ARO-2216 Donner Laboratory. Series A. Lantern Slides
ARO-2225 Nuclear Medicine R&D Technical Documents of Dr. John H. Lawrence
ARO-2226 R&D Slides of John H. Lawrence, Radiation Biophysics
ARO-2227 John H. Lawrence R&D Technical Documents
ARO-2232 Photographs of Radiation Biology Experiments, C.A Tobias
ARO-2248 Cornelius A. Tobias. Audio-Visual and Photographic Records.  Series II
ARO-2263 Dr. E. John Ainsworth Radiation Biophysics
ARO-2274 Scientist’s Records – Dr. Thomas L. Hayes; Series #10: Films
ARO-2276 “Crocker Laboratory and the 60-Inch Cyclotron (1936-1963)”
ARO-2277 Eng. Dwgs. + Graphs
ARO-2298 Lab Notebooks of Berkeley Actinide Group
ARO-2300 R&D Administrative Files of David A. Shirley
ARO-2309 Actinide Group Logbooks
ARO-2339 Travel Files, G.T. Seaborg
ARO-2344 Scientist’s Paper’s.  Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2346 Architectural & Engineering Drawings of 88″ Cyclotron Building
ARO-2347 Cyclotron 60-Inch Draw.
ARO-2348 Cyclotron 60-Inch Draw.
ARO-2379 Engineering Installation & Operation Technical Documents of 88-Inch Cyclotron
ARO-2380 Engineering Installation and Operation Logs of the 88-Inch Cyclotron
ARO-2383 ISEE Detector Experiment Records
ARO-2384 88-Inch Cyclotron Glass and Color Transparency Slides
ARO-2391 Daily journal’s 1946-1958 (“Margie’s Journals”)
ARO-2392 Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2393 Journals of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2394 Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2395 Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg, miscellaneous negatives from AEC Journals
ARO-2396 Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2397 Post-Washington Journals of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2398 Journals of Glenn T. Seaborg 1927-1971
ARO-2399 Journal of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2400 R&D Administrative Files of Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2404 [Scientist’s Papers:  Glenn T. Seaborg]
ARO-2410 R&D Administrative Files of Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2420 R&D Program Development Fund Records FY1984
ARO-2421 R&D Program Development Fund Records FY1985
ARO-2441 Powell/Birge/Ely Group Log Books 1951-1970
ARO-2458 Physics Division R&D Administrative Files of J.D. Jackson
ARO-2460 David R. Nygren, Time Projection Chamber (TPC) R&D Technical Documents
ARO-2465 Ten Meter Telescope R&D Data Files
ARO-2474 Supernova Search R&D Technical Documents
ARO-2480 Experiment 95 On-Line Scintillation Counter Control System
ARO-2481 Hal Anger Collection
ARO-2482 Early Particle Physics Research Data
ARO-2483 Research Data Generated by Gerson Goldhaber
ARO-2486 Scientific Logbooks of Chamberlain, Segre and Wiegand Discovery of Antiproton
ARO-2487 Hydrogen Bubble Chamber Logbooks
ARO-2488 Alvarez Group Scanning Training Memo [Manual]
ARO-2495 SLAC/PEP LBL Collaborative Reports
ARO-2504 J.D. Gow and J.M. Wilcox, The Ion Magnetron
ARO-2505 Quarterly Reports of Isotope Separation
ARO-2506 Chamberlain, Owen.  R&D Administrative Records
ARO-2510 PEP Construction Photos
ARO-2512 Owen Chamberlain R&D Technical Documents
ARO-2513 R&D Technical Documents of Owen Chamberlain
ARO-2514 R&D Slides of Owen  Chamberlain
ARO-2515 R&D Slides of Dr. Owen Chamberlain
ARO-2516 Early Physics and Bubble Chamber Technical Documents
ARO-2517 James Vale. [Notes and Draft Paper on 184-Inch Synchrocyclotron]
ARO-2518 R&D Committee Files of Gerson Goldhaber
ARO-2521 Research & Development Records of Dr. Clyde Wiegand
ARO-2522 Kaonic – Meson and Pionic Experiments Records
ARO-2523 Physics R&D Technical Documents
ARO-2525 R&D Glass Plate Slides of Clyde Wiegand
ARO-2526 Alvarez Group Research Slides
ARO-2527 Lantern Slides of Luis W. Alvarez
ARO-2528 R&D Technical Documents Accelerator Electronics and Resnatron Development
ARO-2538 Group A Physics Motion Picture Film
ARO-2539 Group A Physics Motion Picture Film
ARO-2546 Plant Engineering drawing and negatives of Sierra / Weston Site
ARO-2547 Conceptual Design Reports
ARO-2549 Project Validation Review Reports
ARO-2554 Bevatron Improvements Project Folder
ARO-2555 Plant Engineering – Biomedical Laboratory II Drawings
ARO-2556 Plant Engineering Presentation Materials
ARO-2557 Plant Engineering Presentation Drawings and Negatives
ARO-2558 Plant Engineering Presentations:  Photographs and Negatives
ARO-2561 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Drawing
ARO-2562 Space Science Laboratory Blueprints
ARO-2563 Lawrence Memorial Hall of Science Blueprints
ARO-2564 Construction Photographs
ARO-2567 Conceptual Design Reports (CDR)
ARO-2581 Seismic Refitting Exhibit Photographs
ARO-2582 Bevatron / Bevalac Experimental Status Chart
ARO-2616 Photographs of the Iron-Free Double-Focusing Beta-Spectrometer (Bldg. 73)
ARO-2619 Introduction to the Detection of Nuclear Particles in a Bubble Chamber
ARO-2629 CFO/Budget Records
ARO-2635 Special Materials Accountability Records and Reports
ARO-2637 Livermore Research Laboratory Orientation Plan
ARO-2639 Color Movie Film of Radiological Therapy at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
ARO-2640 60-Inch Cyclotron 1945 Overhaul
ARO-2642 Accelerator and Accelerator Support Buildings Construction Project Files
ARO-2643 Engineering Drawing Notebooks
ARO-2644 Engineering Drawings
ARO-2646 Chart of Particle Curvature and Velocity
ARO-2647 Cyclotron Mechanical Drawing List
ARO-2674 184-Inch Cyclotron Logbooks
ARO-2677 Design Drawings for the 37″, 60″, 184″ Cyclotrons and the Calutron
ARO-2679 Budget Estimate and Justification Files FY87 FY88
ARO-2682 Budget Estimates and Justification Files
ARO-2702 Controlled Photosynthesis Film
ARO-2706 Director’s Office R&D Program Planning Files
ARO-2709 184″ Cyclotron Original Sketches and Drawings
ARO-2719 Accelerator Test Run Notebooks
ARO-2726 184 Inch Cyclotron Accelerator Film Footage
ARO-2870 Television Tape Cassettes Documenting Aspects of the Research in the Life Sciences Division, Donner Laboratory
ARO-2901 Research and Development Administration Records of Director [Eugene Gardner]
ARO-2922 Facility Drawings and Blueprints of Early Architectural Projects at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
ARO-2942 Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Financial Reports/Statements and Working Papers
ARO-2969 Nuclear Chemistry Technical R&D Files Maintained by Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-2971 Calutron Drawings. Series 3. Calutron Chemistry; Series 4: “E” Development
ARO-2974 Design and Plans of the Calutron
ARO-2975 Electrical Engineering Drawings of Buildings & Research Equipment
ARO-2976 Continuous Tone File Prints
ARO-2977 Continuous Tone File Prints
ARO-2978 Index to Mechanical Engineering Drawings
ARO-2979 Mechanical Engineering Drawings, Index
ARO-2980 Motion Picture Films
ARO-2981 Wendell M. Latimer Reasearch and Development Logbooks
ARO-2982 Trilling-Goldhaber Administrative Files
ARO-2983 Scientific Notebooks Containing Research Data on the 184″ Cyclotron
ARO-2984 Segre / Manhattan Project
ARO-2985 TPC Records and 2 Reports; SEAC Records
ARO-2986 Anti-Proton Study Logbooks
ARO-2987 Joint UAR/USA Pyramid Project
ARO-2988 Photographic Records of James T. Vale
ARO-2989 Correspondence
ARO-2990 LBL Construction and A-E Subcontract Records
ARO-2991 [Historical Photographs]
ARO-2992 Mechanical Engineering Drawings
ARO-2993 Sixty-Inch Cyclotron Records
ARO-2994 Operation Logbooks
ARO-2995 Operating Guidelines
ARO-2997 Edwin M. McMillan Records
ARO-3003 Electronic Engineering Notes
ARO-3004 Mechanical Engineering Notes
ARO-3036 Accelerator Engineering Design Drawings
ARO-3085 Heavy Ion Spectrometer System  (HISS) Mechanical Engineering Project Control Files
ARO-3086 Photography Services’ Photographic Print Files
ARO-3087 Administrative Records of Dr. Earl K. Hyde, Deputy Lab Director
ARO-3097 Frank S. Crawford’s Astrophysics Group Logbooks
ARO-3127 Scientific Logbooks of Lee Schroeder
ARO-3132 Pi R&D Technical Documents
ARO-3143 Bevalac Equipment Videotapes and Bevatron User Safety Training Videotapes
ARO-3152 Advanced Light Source ( ALS) R&D Program Planning Records
ARO-3177 Research Data and General Files Belonging to Dr. Cornelius Tobias
ARO-3179 Calutron Drawings. Series 1. Calutron Chemistry; Series 2. Mechanical Components
ARO-3202 Bubble Chamber Mechanical Engineering Controlled Notebooks
ARO-3210 Photography Services Photographic Index Technical Documentation
ARO-3222 Selig Kaplan Logbooks: 184″ Cyclotron Runs Mu-Capture Data
ARO-3258 SPEAR MARK II Controlled Notebooks
ARO-3280 ‘A’ Group Master Computer Programming Notes
ARO-3293 Don Hunt Bevatron Bevalac HISS Files
ARO-3313 Bevatron Drawings and Blueprints
ARO-3315 Bevatron Wire Tables
ARO-3317 Bevatron Bevalac Wire Tables
ARO-3332 Mechanical Engineering Document Control Center’s Bevatron/Hilac Engineering Prints including Health Chemistry
ARO-3333 Mechanical Engineering Document Control Center’s Brookhaven Project Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) and Linac Engineering Prints
ARO-3334 Mechanical Engineering Document Control Center’s Bevatron Facilities Heavy Ion Accelerator Hilac Analytical Chemistry Engineering Prints
ARO-3335 Mechanical Engineering Document Control Center’s Alternating Gradient Synchrotron (AGS) Linac Bevatron General And Injector 30 Inch Propane Chamber Engineering Prints
ARO-3336 Mechanical Engineering Document Control Center’s Hilac/Bevatron Engineering Prints
ARO-3337 Mechanical Engineering 88″ & 184″ Cyclotron, Bevatron and HILAC Drawings
ARO-3338 Mechanical Engineering Print Room Drawing Lists Files
ARO-3339 Mechanical Engineering Bevatron Project/LH Target/Chemistry Exp. Prints
ARO-3340 Mechanical Engineering Bevatron GS Linac/88″ Cyclotron Prints And Layouts
ARO-3385 Budget Office Year End Reports
ARO-3424 Alvarez Group MLS Logbooks And Data
ARO-3518 Document Control Center:  Bevatron and 88 inch Cyclotron Engineering Drawings
ARO-3520 Mechanical Engineering: Nuclear Chemistry Drawings
ARO-3521 Document Control Center:  Bevatron Upgrade / 184 inch GPP
ARO-3523 Mechanical Engineering: Lee Group Locomotive Data
ARO-3553 Atomic Physics Project Planning And Design Files
ARO-3575 Greiner Group’s NASA Experiments At Bevalac Files
ARO-3587 37 Inch Cyclotron Conversion Drawings
ARO-3588 37 Inch Cyclotron Linear Accelerator And Related Drawings (TUBES)
ARO-3612 Historic Films of Lawrence Berkeley Lab
ARO-3621 Health Chemistry Equipment Drawing Lists
ARO-3698 88″ Cyclotron Project Construction Files Of Plant Engineering
ARO-3726 Time Projection Chamber (TPC) Controlled Notebooks
ARO-3761 Health Chemistry Decontamination And Waste Unit Records
ARO-3772 Document Control Center: LINAC QUA. SYSTEM BROOKHAVEN NAT. LAB.
ARO-3775 Document Control Center: BROOKHAVEN NAT. LAB.
ARO-3787 Technical Documents Of Emilio Segre
ARO-3820 Document Control Center:  Health Chemistry Department Biomedical
ARO-3821 Document Control Center: Spare Mark
ARO-3822 Document Control Center: Large Odd Size Prints Of 184 Cyc. 25″ Bubble Chamber AGS Projects
ARO-3823 Document Control Center Brookhaven Ags Injection Project
ARO-3824 Document Control Center: External Proton Beam Size 16 C
ARO-3825 Document Control Center: Ags 25″ Bubble Chamber Project Oversized Prints
ARO-3826 Document Control Center Ags/ Bubble Chamber Oversized Prints
ARO-3827 Document Control Center Heavy Ion Accelerator Exper. ( Size Only)
ARO-3828 Document Control Center: 30″ Bubble Chamber Exper.
ARO-3829 Document Control Center: Heavy Ion Accelerator Exper.
ARO-3830 Document Control Center: 88 Cyc /Chemistry Exp.
ARO-3840 Facilities As Built Old Series Drawings
ARO-3842 Document Control Center: Super Hilac Mv Injector Engineering Drawings
ARO-3843 Facilities As Built Ancient And Old Drawings
ARO-3844 Document Control Center: Omnitron Study
ARO-3845 Document Control Center: Crowe Experiment At 184 Cyclotron Equipment Drawings
ARO-3849 Facilities Division Ancient Series Drawings
ARO-3851 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experiment
ARO-3852 Document Control Center: Bevatron External Proton Beam (14 L)
ARO-3853 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experiment 14Q
ARO-3854 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facilities
ARO-3855 Facilities Division Old Series As Built Drawings
ARO-3856 Document Control Center: A.A.S. Main Ring Magnet Structure (14 F)
ARO-3857 Document Control Center: LASL Spectrometer
ARO-3858 Document Control Center: WFO Los Almos Exp. Nal
ARO-3859 Document Control Center: Chemistry Isotopes Separator (14J
ARO-3863 Facilities Ancient Series Drawing Files
ARO-3876 Document Control Center: Heavy Ion Accelerator 88 Cyc. 30 In. Bubble Chamber Bevatron Hilac Experiments And Projects
ARO-3915 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experamental Facilites (14 N)
ARO-3916 Document Control Center: 25″ Bubble Chamber (11 B)
ARO-3917 Document Control Center: 88″ Cyclotron (9 C)
ARO-3918 Document Control Center 88’ Cyclotron Experimental Equip. (10 N)
ARO-3919 Document Control Center: IMRD Chemistry (12 N)
ARO-3940 Document Control Center:  25″ Bubble Chamber (10e)
ARO-3942 Document Control Center: Bevatron External Facilities (14 N)
ARO-3943 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facilities 13
ARO-3955 Decompression Sickness Studies Human Experimentation Data
ARO-3957 Document Control Center: Bevatorn Injector Ii (11 M)
ARO-3958 Document Control Center: Bevatron Injector II (11 L)
ARO-3959 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experamental Facilites (14 M)
ARO-4020 Document Control Center: Chemistry Iron Free Spectrometer (11 J)
ARO-4049 72 Inch Bubble Chamber Camera (Franckenstein) Lantern Slides And Film Slides
ARO-4056 Document Control Center: 184′ Cyclotron 13
ARO-4058 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facilities (13 N)
ARO-4068 Document Control Center: Bevatron External Proton Beam (13 L)
ARO-4069 Document Control Center: Bevatron Injectron II (11 P)
ARO-4070 Document Control Center: Bevatron External Proton Beam 13
ARO-4071 Document Control Center: Bevatron (15 N)
ARO-4072 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facilities 13-Q
ARO-4073 Document Control Center: Heavy Ion Accelerator 11
ARO-4074 Document Control Center: Cascade Isotopes Separator Reynolds 13
ARO-4078 Document Control Center: Hilac Thermal Injector 13
ARO-4086 Document Control Center: Bev Exp Facilities 8M
ARO-4087 Document Control Center: Bevatron 25in Bubble Chamber/ 184 Cyclotron
ARO-4106 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facilities Drawings 8P 8N And 8L
ARO-4107 Document Control Center: HILIC Injector Terminal And Vacuum System Drawings 13E And
ARO-4109 Document Control Center: 184 Cyclotron (13 C)
ARO-4112 Document Control Center: Chemistry Isotopes Separation Experiments
ARO-4113 Document Control Center: Nuclear Chemistry Alpha Specroscopy 16
ARO-4115 Document Control Center: Inorganic Materials (12 M)
ARO-4116 Document Control Center: H.C. 102 Shop 8J
ARO-4117 Document Control Center: Bevatron Injector II (11N And 12P)
ARO-4121 Document Control Center: Bevatron External Proton Beam (14 And 14P)
ARO-4122 Document Control Center: G.P.R. Moyer Crowe 13
ARO-4123 Document Control Center: A.A.S. (15 A)
ARO-4124 Document Control Center: Heavy Ion Accelerator (11 F)
ARO-4128 Document Control Center: Magnetic Photoelectric Spectrometer 17
ARO-4129 Document Control Center: Irradiator System (14 X)
ARO-4131 Document Control Center: Cold Micro Wave Plasma Experiment 13
ARO-4132 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facilities
ARO-4149 Document Control Center: Bevatron Experimental Facility
ARO-4151 Document Control Center: 17L SPEAR MARK II High Resolution Chamber
ARO-4152 Document Control Center: 17Q Solar Telescope
ARO-4153 Document Control Center: 17F HILAC Experiment Project
ARO-4154 Document Control Center: 17B Chemistry Experiment 88” Project
ARO-4167 Document Control Center: Log Books And Electronic Drawing Lists
ARO-4170 Document Control Center: 88 Inch Cyclotron Drawings
ARO-4171 Document Control Center: 17 Super HILAC R.F. System
ARO-4173 Document Control Center: 17 Bevalac Heavy Ion Fac.
ARO-4174 Document Control Center: 17 Bevatron Exp. Facility
ARO-4177 Facilities As Built Bldg 77 Drawings
ARO-4227 Document Control Center: 25 Inch Bubble Chamber 88 Cyclotron General Chemistry Drawings
ARO-4228 Document Control Center: Drawings 18 B, C, D, E, F, H, L, N, P.
ARO-4253 Document Control Center: Size 6 Prints Of 18 B, J, K, L, M
ARO-4254 Document Control Center: Size 6 Prints of 19 B, C, K, N, P, Q
ARO-4290 Document Control Center Drawings: Bevatron And 88-Inch Cyclotron Experimental Facilities (8M Through 9K)
ARO-4292 Document Control Center Drawings 9c, 9d, 9l, 9m, 9k For 88-Inch Cyclotron
ARO-4320 Audio Visual Services’  Historic Film Collection
ARO-4329 Document Control Center Bevatron, SuperHilac, and ESCAR Ring Engineering Drawings (Series 11,13,14,15,16,17,18,19)
ARO-4330 Document Control Center A.A.S. General Arrangement Magnet Enclosure, Omnitron Study, 88-Inch Cyclotron, General Physics Research, Nuclear Chemistry Nuclear Structure Group, Data Transmission System, and HFF-DC Beam Experiment Engineering Drawings (Series 15 16 And 18)
ARO-4331 Audiovisual Records of Critical Technologies Research Meetings
ARO-4348 R&D Technical Documents of Dr. Cornelius Tobias
ARO-4350 Technical Information Division AEC Reports
ARO-4367 Document Control Center Bevatron Engineering Drawings (Series 5, 6, 7)
ARO-4369 Document Control Center CTR-NBSTF, Scanning Projector, SSCM, Nuclear Chemistry Research, NASA Particle Physics Project, Altitude Particle Physics, 88-Inch Cyclotron, Mass Spectrograph No. 2 and Cascade Isotope Separator Engineering Drawings (Series 8, 10, 15)
ARO-4496 Leo Brewer’s Technical Documents Related To Thermodynamics and the Manhattan Project
ARO-4719 Photographs Of Bevatron Crew On Top Of Shielding
ARO-4722 Document Control Center’s Bevatron Bevalac And Stanford Solar Telescope Size 3 Engineering Drawings (13, 14V, 9Z Series)
ARO-4723 Document Control Center’s SuperHILAC Size 2 Engineering Drawings (15W Series)
ARO-4728 Physics/DZERO Group Technical Documents
ARO-4893 Superconductivity (sc) R&D Technical Documents of Richard Wolgast
ARO-4898 Dr. Cornelius Tobias Interviews Related To Medical Physics
ARO-4908 Actinide Group R&D Administrative Records
ARO-4909 Actinide Group R&D Technical Records
ARO-4921 Donner Lab Radiation Biophysics R&D Technical Documents
ARO-4926 R&D Administrative Files, Tobias
ARO-4946 Technical Documents Nuclear Chemistry – Stanley G. Thompson
ARO-4949 Nuclear Chemistry R&D Administrative Files – I. Perlman
ARO-4975 Chamberlain Group Bevatron Experiments
ARO-4978 Proposals For Early Bevatron Experiments And Runs
ARO-4980 Kenny/Helmholz and Moyer Group Logbooks
ARO-4981 Electronic Engineering Drawings For The AGS At Brookhaven
ARO-5019 27″ Cyclotron Exhibit For Smithsonian Documentation
ARO-5026 Audiovisual Records Of Glenn T. Seaborg
ARO-5031 LBL Historic Audio Records
ARO-5045 Budget Office Records
ARO-5195 Office Of The Chief Finance Officer Tech Transfer Reports
ARO-5282 Director’s Office Tiger Team Videotapes
ARO-5283 Lee Davenport’s Director’s Office Presentation Lantern Slides
ARO-5316 Edward J. Lofgren R&D Administrative Files
ARO-5378 Work Force Diversity Office Training Videos
ARO-5487 Time Projection Chamber (TPC)  R&D Administrative Records
ARO-5496 Ronald Madaras Lead Glass Wall Technical Documents And Notebooks
ARO-5532 Time Projection Chamber PEP-4 Drawings
ARO-5623 Earth Sciences Division Stripa Project Technical Documents
ARO-5748 BY07 Field Budget Call, Guidance Formulation, Backup And Working Documentation
ARO-5869 Mechanical Engineering Department’s Document Control Center’s (DCC’S) Archival Engineering Drawings
ARO-5878 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s PhotoLab’s Historic Donald Cooksey Nitrate Film And Digital Photographs
ARO-5893 Jay Marx Time Projection Chamber (TPC) R&D Administrative Files
ARO-5966 Patricia W. Durbin Heavey Oversized Technical Documents
ARO-5982 Edwin M. McMillan’s Papers
ARO-6008 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s PhotoLab’s Historic Morgue Collection of Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6087 Patricia Durbin X-Rays
ARO-6241 Albert Ghiorso Scientist Files
ARO-6281 Morris (Moishe) Pripstein Scientist Files
ARO-6332 Albert Ghiorso Videotapes
ARO-6334 Albert Ghiorso Oversized Data
ARO-6341 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s Photo Lab’s Historic Morgue Collection Of Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6490 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s Photo Lab’s Historic Morgue Collection Of Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6573 John O. Rasmussen Controlled Notebooks
ARO-6598 Melvin Calvin Film Reels
ARO-6606 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s Photo Lab’s Historic Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6712 Luis W. Alvarez Scientist Files
ARO-6745 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s Photo Lab’s Historic Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6787 Cornelias A. Tobias R&D Technical Documents
ARO-6788 Magnetic Fusion Energy (MFE) R&D Technical Documents
ARO-6810 Mechanical Engineering Division Positron Electron Program (PEP) R&D Technical Documents
ARO-6818 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s Photo Lab’s Historic Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6824 Public Affairs Creative Services Office’s Photo Lab’s Historic Analog And Digital Photographs
ARO-6850 Geological Repository Program (GRP) R&D Administrative Records
ARO-6986 The Magnet Newsletter