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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Computer Protection Warning of Recent 'Phishing' Attack

According to Rosio Alvarez, Chief Information Officer, Berkeley Laboratory, as well as several other DOE Labs, have had particularly tricky phishing attacks targeted at employees. The attack comes in the form of an e-mail with the subject line: HSPD-12 Identification Briefing (go here to see full message).

Those who received this message, but did not follow the link in the message, should delete it from their inbox.

Recipients who did click through the link, whether from home, work, or on travel, should immediately notify the Lab's Computer Protection Program (CPP) and provide contact information.

This attack is one of a whole series of clever attacks, many of which have focused on educational and government institutions, that focus on particular research agendas (climate change, weapons development, international energy modeling, etc) or particular affiliations (Berkeley, DOE, etc). Alvarez encourages staff to take a moment to improve their awareness of these attacks by reading information on the CPP website.

Reporting these kinds of attacks is critical to the success of the Laboratory's security program.

Verify the authenticity of this e-mail by visiting the CPP website or by calling the Help Desk (486-HELP).

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