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Monday, May 21, 2007


An Update on UCRP Employee Contributions from the University

To All UC Employees:

Good retirement benefits are an essential part of employees’ total compensation and an important recruitment and retention tool for UC.  Unlike at many other institutions, UC employees have not had to contribute toward the cost of their pension benefits for over 15 years, due to UCRP being fully funded since the early 1990s.  However, since UCRP is expected to become underfunded in the next several years, contributions – from both UC and employees -- will again be needed to help keep UCRP strong.  The Regents are committed to maintaining a healthy pension plan in order to ensure UC’s ability to pay retirement benefits, and to also avoid the funding problems that many other pension plans are having.

State affirms support for contributions

As previously announced, contributions from both UC and employees were scheduled to start July 1, 2007, subject to several factors including State funding.  Because UC will not receive State support for this purpose in its 2007-08 budget, the restart of UCRP contributions will need to be rescheduled.

University leaders will continue to discuss this issue with State officials over the coming months, and employees can expect more information about this soon.

In recognition of the State’s interest and role in helping maintain a healthy UCRP, and restarting contributions, Governor Schwarzenegger’s revised budget for 2007-08 proposes that the State fully fund its share of the cost for UC’s employer contributions to UCRP in future years, consistent with funding for the State’s employer contributions to CalPERS:

Long-term contributions similar to State approach; UC to pay majority of costs

While the new date for restarting contributions is unknown at present, the Regents’ long-term approach to how UC and employees will share the cost of UCRP benefits will be consistent with the State’s approach to contributions to CalPERS.  Based on a current projected total ongoing cost for UCRP of 16% of payroll, this would mean UC and its employees pay approximately 11% and 5% respectively toward the cost of maintaining UCRP benefits.  For represented employees, the restart of contributions will be subject to the collective bargaining process.

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