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Friday, Dec. 21, 2007


Possible Affects Omnibus Bill will have on Scientific Programs

ALS -  funding for the User Support Building is cut in the Omnibus from $17.2 million to $5 million.

Bevatron - the Omnibus bill specifically includes $8.8 million in SLI for excess facilities demolition as requested in the President's budget. This account includes funding for the Bevatron deconstruction.

Fusion - The U.S. contribution to ITER is zeroed out, but the domestic High Energy Density Physics program is funded at $12.3 million per the President's request - the Lab-managed Virtual National Laboratory is funded in this account.

Computing - Although this account received an increase above the President's request and a significant increase above '07, it is unclear how these dollars will be ultimately allocated.  NERSC and ESNet should receive the President's request.

BER - This account faired well - most likely because of the interest in energy and climate change on Capitol Hill. Climate change was funded at the President's request of $138,124,000, and Biological Research at $411,273,000 (including $31,500,000 for Medical Applications and Measurement Science).  Total funding is approximately $17 million above the President's request (before rescissions) and the additional funding is slated for nuclear medicine research within the Medical Applications budget.

BES - This account only received a 1.6 percent increase over FY '07 after taking the across the board rescission into account. The Omnibus mark is $200 million+ lower than the President's request. This account includes the construction funds for the ALS User Support Building mentioned previously.  Material Sciences is $138 million below the President's request and the Chemical sciences, geosciences and energy biosciences account is $50 million below the President's mark.


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