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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Dear Berkeley Lab Scientific, Engineering & Faculty Staff

The new Professional Research Staff policy (RPM 2.07) that was presented to laboratory staff in two Town Hall Meetings has been well-received. More than 50 employee comments were submitted by the April 1 deadline, most relating to the position titles, and over 200 employees participated in an on-line opinion poll regarding the choice of titles.

Natalie Roe and I have reviewed all the comments and suggestions received. We appreciate the thoughtful feedback
and questions that were shared.

The comments received and opinion poll results indicate strong preferences for eliminating the proposed
Associate Scientist/Engineer title and for retaining the Staff Scientist/Engineer title. Therefore, I have decided on the following set of job titles (depicted on the Berkeley Lab Scientific Career Paths chart below):

  • Research Scientist/Engineer (term career-track appointment)
  • Research Scientist/Engineer (career appointment)
  • Staff Scientist/Engineer (term career-track appointment)
  • Staff Scientist/Engineer (career appointment)
  • Divisional Fellow
  • Senior Scientist/Engineer
  • Distinguished Scientist/Engineer

We expect that the new RPM 2.07 Professional Research Staff policy will be finalized by April 16th.  An announcement will appear in Today at Berkeley Lab when the new policy takes effect. By the end of April, Scientists/Engineers will be receiving an individual notification letter from their division with information on their new job title.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions.  Your input has been important in helping to shape the new policy and address questions from the S&E community.

Best regards,

Graham R. Fleming

Deputy Laboratory Director
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory





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