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Discard Sharp Objects Properly to Avoid Injury

For sharps that are not contaminated with biohazardous material, remove or cover any biohazard symbols or labeling on the sharps container that says biohazardous or infectious waste. Label the container “Unregulated Sharps.”  These sharps must also be free from chemical and/or radioactive contamination. Sharps containers must be transferred to the nearest medical waste pickup container.  Fill out the Medical Waste Accumulation Log and describe the waste as an “unregulated sharps container.”

Broken glass should also be managed carefully. Glass free from any biohazardous, radioactive, and chemical contamination should be disposed of by packaging in a cardboard box or other rigid container. When the box containing the glassware is full, seal the box closed and label “Broken Glass.” Set the box out for janitorial pickup. Although any rigid container or cardboard box may be used, you can also purchase cardboard boxes made especially for glassware disposal.

Call Marty White at x7663 if you have sharps or a sharps container needing disposal, or if you have any questions regarding disposal of sharps or broken glass.

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