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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Use Your Laptop Computer Safely

Laptops are designed with portability, not ergonomics in mind.   The keyboard and monitor are attached and very close together, so you cannot adjust their positions independently and have to compromise on comfort.   The keys are also smaller than those found on a traditional keyboard.   Built-in touch pad is awkward and uncomfortable to use.   Finally laptop bases can get hot, which makes placement on the lap a concern.

Consider using the following accessories if a laptop is your primary computer:

•  A separate, full-size keyboard

•  An external mouse

•  Monitor riser/laptop holder to raise the laptop screen to eye level or a separate monitor.

•  A docking station to facilitate use of separate input devices and monitor without having to re-attach cables.

•  Additional equipment (e.g., ergo chair, keyboard tray, computer desk, etc.) to further help achieve neutral working position/postures

•  Make sure the telecommuting work is authorized by your supervisor and the workstation set-up is correct.

Contact Jeffrey Chung at x5818 for further assistance.


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