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Thursday, June 16, 2005


















Effective June 27, the Berkeley Lab shuttle bus schedule will change for both on-site and Hearst routes. This change will extend all stop intervals from 10 minutes to 12 minutes. The change is being made to better enable the shuttles to make their stop schedules without compromising safety, and to deal more effectively with increasing construction and routine traffic.

The schedule change will be monitored and evaluated to determine its effectiveness as well as its impact on both riders and drivers. Future notifications will be made of longer-term determinations.

In addition, a new practice has been put into place for boarding the shuttles at the stops. Drivers will now use their turn signals to indicate when the bus is or is not available for boarding. When the curb-side signal is flashing, the bus is ready for boarding. When the street-side signal is flashing, the door will be closed and will not reopen until the bus reaches the next scheduled stop.

Passengers approaching the bus once the door is closed and the bus is pulling away should not run for the bus, because it will not stop. Several riders have been injured running for the bus or entering the street in an attempt to catch a bus that has pulled away from the stop. It is the rider's responsibility to ensure ample time get to a stop for the bus arrival.

Riders are also reminded not to step out in the street to "flag" an approaching bus. All scheduled stops will be made, and "flagging" only endangers the rider.

The Transportation Department reminds everyone: “YOUR SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY. Help us keep the shuttle system safe and effective.”

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