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Friday, June 10, 2005

















Lab Presents Revised Final Wage Proposal to CUE Union

The Berkeley Lab bargaining team presented a reconfigured last, best and final wage proposal for a four-year local wage agreement to the Coalition of University Employees union on Wednesday. The change involves eliminating the allocation for posted promotions and reclassifications and shifting that money into the merit pool for each fiscal year. The wage offer provides for 3.0% merit pool for this year with retroactive pay back to October 1, 2004, a 2.5% merit pool for FY 2006, 2.5% for FY 2007 and 2.5% for FY 2008. Wage adjustments for FY 2005 pending reclassifications, promotions and individual equity adjustments would also be funded. In addition, CUE unit employees will transition from the P2R performance process to the PRD process that covers most Lab employees. A joint committee would also be established to hear employee concerns about their PRD performance review

This wage package would provide for merit increases averaging 3.6% this year, with a minimum merit increase for an eligible employee that would amount to 2.7%. In addition, this year's merit increases would be retroactive to October 1, 2004, so every CUE-represented employee getting a merit increase would receive a separate check with the retroactive amount. In addition, this wage proposal would provide for wage increases for the next three years during a period of anticipated budgetary reductions. The CUE leadership will be meeting with Lab employees on the offer.

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