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Friday, June 10, 2005

















Notes on Gate Access to the Lab, Employee Absences if CUE Strikes

The main Blackberry Gate will be open during normal hours during the strike days. The Grizzly Gate on Centennial Drive will also be open throughout the day (7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.). Laboratory employees, guests and vendors are to use one of these gates to enter and to leave the premises during the strike days.

The Strawberry Gate off Centennial Drive, however, will be designated as a "reserved" gate Monday through Wednesday next week and will be available only to contractors and employees working on the Molecular Foundry construction project, including their subcontractors and the vendors supplying those contractors. This is intended to allow the construction work to continue unimpeded. Lab employees, guest and vendors are not to use this gate and will be refused access.

Employee absences during the strike

Unless they have received advance approval for vacation, employees are expected to report to work all three days of the strike. Vacation requests may be denied or approval rescinded due to operational necessity. All employees who call in sick on a strike day will be required to provide a doctor's note upon their return to work. Employees will not be paid for time lost due to participating in a strike and will not be allowed to use vacation leave to make up for the pay they lose because of striking. In addition, employees absent without authorization on a strike day may be subject to corrective action.

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