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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Be Laser Safe!

High-power lasers are in use in many research labs and are fundamental to making many of today's scientific discoveries. Every employee should know the meaning of laser safety signs to prevent inadvertent injury from entering a laser use area. Please familiarize yourself with the following Laser signs. For more information, see EH&S Publication 3000, register for a class on Laser Safety (EHS 280), or contact Ted deCastro (x5256), the Lab's Laser Safety Officer .

  Danger! Very high-power lasers may be in use. Even momentary exposures may cause burns or permanent eye damage.   Do not enter unless authorized to do so.

Caution! High power lasers may be in use. Extended exposures may damage the eyes. Do not enter unless authorized to do so.


Notice! Laser installation, repair, set-up, or modification is in progress. Do not enter.  






















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