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FAQs on Competition for Management of the Berkeley Lab Contract

Q.   What has caused the delay in the issuance of the draft RFP?

A.   DOE does not disclose procurement-sensitive information. We believe that the delay has been due to the time necessary to ensure that the requirements of the RFP promote fair competition and do not provide UC any unreasonable competitive advantage. Furthermore, UC believes that the RFP for Berkeley Lab will set a precedent for a series of several other RFP's over the next few years (LANL, LLNL, ANL, et al.) and that DOE wants to start with the best model. .

Q.   What is UC doing to prepare for the competition?

A.   UC has hired a consulting company that has considerable experience with similar DOE competitions and has assembled a Berkeley Acquisition Team (BAT) to prepare material that will be useful for preparing the proposal.

Q.   Will the Lab have any input?   After all, we are the ones who know that most about the place .

A.   UC Managers and employees at the lab will have the majority of the input. Bill Barletta , the Director of the Accelerator & Fusion Research Division (AFRD), is the Berkeley Lab Acquisition Manager for putting together the proposal.   Joseph Rasson of the Engineering Division is his deputy.   Most of the other members of BAT are Berkeley Lab employees.   However, in carrying out the BAT activities, they are representing UC, not the Lab. That means that they cannot use their Lab offices, computers, or other communication devices when they are wearing their UC "hats."  

Q.   Where do the BAT writers do their work?

A.   UC has created a Proposal Center for the work at the Kaiser Building in downtown Oakland and has leased office space from DOE in Building 62 here at the Lab. These are both equipped with UC computers and systems to prepare the proposal.

Q.   We are proud of our Lab's impact on "real world" technologies.   Will this be taken into account in the University's response to the RFP, should there be one?

A.   Absolutely. Those are examples of significant accomplishments that UC has achieved as the Manager of Berkeley Lab and they are to our and DOE's credit. Those achievements will be highlighted in UC's presentation of its relevant experience and successes in the proposal.   

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