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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

9:30 a.m.
EHS 604
Hazardous Waste
Bldg. 51-201

Computer Sciences
How to Give a Presentation
Juan Meza
Perseverance Hall

Fate and Exposure Modeling of Environmental Contaminants
Matthew MacLeod
Bldg. 90-3148


10 a.m.
EHS 23
Safety for Shop Supervisors

Summer Lecture Series
Blasting Rocks and Blasting Cars: Applied Engineering for Industry
Deb Hopkins
Bldg. 50 Auditorium

12:15 p.m.
Employee Activities Assoc.
Yoga Class
Chris Hoskins
Bldg. 70-191

3 p.m.
3D Structure of Gold Nanoparticles
Matthew Marcus
Bldg. 6-2202

EHS 730
Medical/Biohazard Waste
Bldg. 51-201


Morning Additions: Ham, Egg, & Swiss Cheese Croissant
Market Carvery: Roast Turkey with Stuffing, Gravy & Vegetable
The Fresh Grille: Grilled Reuben Quesadilla
Menutainment: Fiesta Taco Salad
Full Meal Deal: Texas BBQ Burger, Fries, Side Salad, Coke & Pie

NOTE: Due to a broken ice machine, the cafeteria is currently unable to provide ice for group parties. What is available is only for catered events and cafeteria use.

B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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Deb Hopkins To Speak
At Next Summer Lecture


Deb Hopkins, the head of the Industrial Energy Partnerships program in the Engineering Division, presents the next Summer Lecture tomorrow at noon in the Building 50 Auditorium. During her talk, "Blasting Rocks and Blasting Cars: Applied Engineering for Industry," Hopkins will discuss her work with industries like automobile, mining, and paper to improve their evaluation and measuring techniques. The next lecture, by physical bioscientist Carolyn Larabell, takes place Wednesday, July 7, same time and location.


Campbell Receives
Pinole 'Citizen' Award


Tammera Campbell, with the Lab's Information Technologies and Services Division, as been named "Citizen of the year" by the city of Pinole. A seven-year resident of the town, Campbell has been involved in a variety of activities, including sports, education, and politics. She helped found Pinole CARE, an organization that seeks to improve parent and community participation in the town's education system, is a member of the Pinole Valley High School Boosters Club, and helped pass ballot measures that provide funds for the rebuilding of the town's elementary and middle schools. She received her award at a special dinner last Thursday.

Heidelberg Talk Tells
How to 'Fool the Masses'


David Bailey, chief technologist for Computational Research and NERSC Center divisions, delivered a tongue-in-cheek yet serious presentation in Heidelberg, Germany last Friday, reminding attendees at the 2004 International Supercomputer Conference that hype and exaggeration still loom large in the field. As an invited speaker, Bailey drew one of the largest and most enthusiastic audiences of the conference to his talk on "12 Ways to Fool the Masses." His talk during the "Future Trends" session was an update of one of his best-known papers. Full story.


Fadeyev, top, and Haber

Restoring Rare Audio Recordings With Physics Gets NPR Treatment

National Public Radio is the latest media outlet to cover the popular story about Carl Haber and Vitaliy Fadeyev, Berkeley Lab particle physicists who have have found a way to play fragile historic audio recordings on acetate and wax cylinders without damaging them. Photographic imaging technology is used to map the grooves on the cylinders and records. A computer program reads the data and plays the music — without ever touching the record. An audio clip of this report is available here (scroll down to eighth
story on page).

Program Tackles College Admissions Diversity
By Betsy Mason

A mathematician, who wants others to have the same opportunities he had, has created a computer program that he hopes will be a low-cost answer to a problem presented by a Supreme Court ruling on college admissions. Last year's ruling that college admissions offices can consider diversity as long as race is not treated as a deciding factor left some fearing that minority enrollment might drop if schools don't have the staff, time or money to take the "holistic" approach the court ordered. Juan Gilbert, an African-American, presented an idea for a solution at the recent Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences, held at Berkeley Lab last week. Full story (registration required).


House Passes Energy,
Water Appropriations

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham released the following statement following the passage of the 2005 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill by the House of Representatives: "While we are early in the budget process, we will continue to work with the House and Senate to ensure that the Department's national security, environmental cleanup and other important projects receive the funding necessary to continue forward." Go here to read more about this legislation.


Morning fog, then sunny.
Highs: upper 60s (20° C).

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