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Policy on Supplement to Military Pay
Proposed Extension to June 30, 2005

Under current University policy, eligible employees who are on active military duty may receive supplemental payments from the University to their military salaries and a continuation of their UC health plan benefits. Eligible employees are those who serve on active military duty during Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Noble Eagle (the anti-terrorism and homeland defense campaigns), Operation Iraqi Freedom, or any other active military duty meant to support the President’s call for a war on terrorism as a result of the September 11 attacks. 

Eligible employees who are on active military duty  receive a supplement to their military pay until the end of their active military commitment or untilJune 30, 2004, whichever comes first. The supplemental payment is equal to the difference between the employees’ University base pay and their military pay and allowances. The University also continues to pay the UC contribution to employees’ health plan premiums while they receive the supplement to their military pay. Employees who are not eligible for supplemental pay because their military pay and allowances exceed their University wages may elect to continue their health plan coverages while on military leave and the University will continue to pay the UC contribution to those plans. 

Because it is the University’s continuing desire to assist, to the extent possible, employees who are called to active military duty during these and related campaigns, the University is proposing to extend its policy of providing the supplement to military pay and contribution to health plan premiums until the end of the employees’ active military duty commitment or until June 30, 2005, whichever comes first. The supplemental payment and health plan contribution would apply to all military campaigns meant to support the President’s call for a war on terrorism. The supplemental payment would be retroactive to the first day of military leave without pay.


Those who wish to comment on this proposed change must do so by email or in writing by June 9, 2004, to Mary Bishop, Policies Analyst, at MS 937R0600, or [email protected]

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