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Friday, January 2, 2004


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Demolition Derby Uncovers
Clues on Subatomic Glue
By James Glanz

Particle physicists are known as the demolition crews of the very small, smashing tiny bits of matter together to find the even tinier bits that they are made of. So it may come as a surprise that the field has recently found a powerful new engine of discovery: gluing it all back together again, sometimes in weird ways that seldom occur in nature, if ever. Robert Cahn, a particle physicist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who works on what is called the BaBar experiment at Stanford, gave the particle interregnum a name: the non-S.S.C. era. Full story (registration required).

Science 'Breakthrough':
Dark Energy's Details

Science Magazine's annual "Breakthrough of the Year" issue in 1998 celebrated the discovery, by Berkeley Lab scientists and others that the universe is expanding. Five years later, cosmology is again number one. Microwave mapping, which eliminated all doubts about the existence of dark energy, takes top honors in Science for 2003. Again, Berkeley Lab played a role -- the article cites new supernova observations, including those at the Lab, as contributing to understandings of dark energy, which comprises 73% of the universe (4% ordinary matter, the stuff of stars and trees and people; 23% exotic matter: dark mass that astrophysicists believe is made up of an as-yet-undetected particle). Download a PDF of the article here.


Lab Spin-Offs Win
'Pioneer' Designation

Three start-up companies, which were founded in 2000 as a result of research at Berkeley Lab, have been selected among 30 such firms worldwide to be designated "Technology Pioneers" for 2004. The World Economic Forum, an independent international organization, bestowed the honor on Nanomix, Nanosys, and Syrrx for "ingenuity and drive that underpin life-changing innovation." Companies in the fields of nanotechnology, computing, biotechnology and energy technology were cited. Full story.

Tapes Now Available

Berkeley Lab employees who missed the December 9 program of talks that paid tribute to the anniversaries of the National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM's 20th) and the Advanced Light Source (ALS's 10th) can relive the celebration on videotape. Copies of the 90-minute program -- which featured scientists Gareth Thomas, Jay Marx, Uli Dahman and Neville Smith, moderated by Deputy Director Pier Oddone -- are available on loan from the Lab Library in Building 50.

Elevate DOE Science,
SEAB Report Urges

The Department of Energy's huge contributions to science need to be more intensely promoted and recognized, according to the final report of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board's "Task Force on the Future of Science Programs at the Department of Energy." William Martin, former deputy secretary at DOE, briefed the Board earlier this month and identified the key problem: "Nobody knows that DOE does science." He reinforced the need for elevating the position of the director of the Office of Science to "Undersecretary of Science." Martin also called for providing sustained levels of support for DOE research, and discussed the decaying infrastructure at many DOE facilities. Full story.


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