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Monday, February 9, 2004


4 p.m.
Structural and Quantitative Biology Seminar
Contingent Phosphorylation/ Dephosphorylation Provides a Mechanism of Molecular Memory in WASP
Michael Rosen, Southwestern Medical Center, U. of Texas
100 Lewis Hall, campus


9 a.m.
ESG/SSG Monthly Speaker
High average power lasers for femtosecond X-ray generation on ALS
Russell Wilcox, Berkeley Lab
Bldg. 2-100B

11 a.m.
Organic Chemistry Seminar
Adventures in Metal-Nitrogen Bonding: From Organic Methodology to Inorganic Materials
Lisa McElwee-White, U. of Florida
120 Latimer Hall, Pitzer Aud.

4 p.m.
Pitzer Lecture
Quantum Effects on the Rates of Reactions and Structures of Clusters and Biomolecules
David C. Clary, Oxford U.
120 Latimer Hall, Pitzer Aud.
Markey Carvery: Pork Carnitas Plate
Fresh Grille: Grilled Chicken Bacon Sandwich
Menutainment: Shrimp Louis Salad Made To Order
B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Full menu

IMAGE: Foundry groundbreaking
Foundry Groundbreaking
Makes Evening News

In today’s high-tech field, there’s nothing hotter than the word “nano” as evidenced by the large media turnout at the recent ceremonial groundbreaking for Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry. In addition to several newspaper stories, local ABC affiliate KGO-TV broadcast a story on the Foundry’s groundbreaking by reporter David Louie. See it here with RealPlayer software.

IMAGE: Daily Californian
A Scientific Revolution
Tinier Than An Atom
By Adeel Iqbal

IMAGE: Jeffery Bokor

UC Berkeley is fighting to stay ahead of the worldwide rush to study all things small—that is, tinier than an atom. The strongly hyped science of nanotechnology easily earned the largest amount of faculty positions from the New Ideas Initiative—a $10 million effort to fund five new research areas. “We are now poised to really be able to hijack the machinery of molecular biology: DNA, proteins, enzymes and nucleic acids,” said Jeffrey Bokor, deputy director for Berkeley Lab’s newest nanotechnology facility and a campus professor. Full story.


IMAGE: Road closed

Building 51B Demo
To Close Road Today

The east-west access road between Bldg 56 and the Building 51B (EPB) north wall will be closed as needed today while the demolition contractor performs work in the roadway with a manlift. Contact John Patterson (6357) or Richard Stanton (6221) for issues regarding the closure.

Reminder: Inventory
Coming This Month

IMAGE: Bar code

The 2004 Laboratory wall-to-wall inventory is expected to begin within two weeks. An Asset Management System is being upgraded for implementation. Most assets will require scanning by a bar code reader to ensure accuracy. Assets at employees’ homes will be exempt from onsite scan if a Property Extension/Inventory Form has been completed and submitted. The form requires signatures from the employee, supervisor and Division Property Contact, listed here. For questions, call Gavin Robillard at 4184.

IMAGE: jewelry

Jewelry Sale In Time
For Valentine’s Day

Karats, the company that sells gold jewelry at affordable prices, will return to Berkeley Lab on Wednesday, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Sponsored by the Employee Activities Association, the 14K gold jewelry sale will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Cafeteria.


Sunny, windy in the hills.
Highs: upper 50s (14° C).

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