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Friday, October 31, 2003

This “Wedding of the Undead” is set up in a small library across from Eddy Rubin’s office in Building 84.

Financial Services buyer Lee Purbaugh stands next to his collection of scary objects, including a vampire that’s riding a lizard.

Shada Kuba, with Labor and Employee Relations in Building 65-B, admires her family of pumpkins.

Elvis, Marge Simpson, and “the guy from Twisted Sister,” AKA Jeff Willer, Laura Eichman and David Edgar, with Information Systems and Services.

Michelle Blaha, unnamed blow-up skeleton, and Bridget Harvey smile, even though a giant spider and menacing bat hover just overhead.

Linda Suarez, also with Information Systems and Services, strikes a devilish pose.

It would take a brave soul to walk down this haunted hallway — created by staff in Facilities Human Resources — in Building 69.

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