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Friday, July 11, 2003


9 – noon
EHS 225
Forklift Training
Building 51-201

9:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Computing Sciences summer student seminars: Tour of the NERSC Center, Oakland Scientific Facility.
Building 65 shuttle bus stop.


No events scheduled.

Market Carvery: Roast Leg of Lamb, Rosemary Potatoes, Veggies
Fresh Grille: Atlantic Salmon, Basil Butter Sauce, Fries or Slaw

Menutainment: Killer Burrito, Chicken or Pork
B'fast: 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Lunch: 11 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
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Abraham Unveils Smart Energy Use Campaign

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Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham said Wednesday that all Americans should practice smart energy use as he launched the Department of Energy’s public awareness campaign to educate businesses, homeowners and consumers on ways they can cut energy bills. With lower-than-normal natural gas stocks and higher demand for the popular energy source, the department is kicking off its energy awareness campaign with regional meetings and events and public service announcements to educate consumers on steps to save on home, business and consumer energy costs this year. Included in the new website is Berkeley Lab’s home energy saver link Full story.

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Image of the Capitol building
House Appropriators Work On FYO4 Energy Bill

House Energy and Water Development Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman David Hobson (R-Ohio) and his colleagues have completed work on the FY 2004 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill. Hobson's bill will go to the full committee early next week, after which a report will be issued outlining the committee's recommendations. As the bill now stands, the science programs of the Department of Energy's Office of Science would receive an increase of 6.7%. In every case the committee provided more funding than that requested by the Bush Administration, and, except in one instance, provided increases over the current fiscal year. Full story.

In the News
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Bay Area Labs May
Win Tech Awards
By Ian Hoffman

Boasting light that hammers metal, germ warfare detectors and new drugs, California scientists are poised to nab several of the most coveted prizes in technology. Eleven of the 2003 R&D Magazine 100 awards, the "Oscars of invention," will go to federal labs here, according to scientists notified in the last two weeks. At Berkeley Lab, one winner is software almost 30 years in the making that lets architects craft light- and heat-efficient buildings. At University of California-managed Los Alamos lab in New Mexico, it's a powerful supercomputing cluster that can identify clouds of suspicious chemicals from a distance. Full story.

World of Science
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Nuclear Fusion: Could It
Light Up Our Homes?
By Bruce Lieberman

Fusion image

One day in 2017, maybe 2020, an international team of physicists and engineers will inject hydrogen gas into a massive vacuum chamber and blast it with microwaves, radio waves and intense beams of high energy atoms. The hydrogen will heat to 200 million degrees or more - hotter than the center of the sun. The hydrogen atoms, split apart into free-moving electrons and ions, will crash into one another at 620 miles per second. Compressed by powerful magnets and heated to unimaginable temperatures, the ions will fuse. The reaction will release a tremendous burst of heat, enough to sustain the nuclear fusion inside and herald a new source of global energy. That is the plan, anyway. Full story.


Labwide Switching
Scheduled for Monday

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On Monday Facilities will be switching all Laboratory loads to Grizzly Substation Bank 2 while Bank 1 undergoes repairs. If repairs require an additional day, the Laboratory will remain on Bank 2 until Tuesday July 15. The procedures should be transparent to the Laboratory Community. Although it is highly unlikely that power will be interrupted, the possibility of a power interruption always exists so employees should take all necessary precautions. A Hill-wide public address announcement will be made prior to switching. For additional information please contact Jim Murphy at 4175 or Mahesh Gupta at 5220.


T-Shirt Design Contest
Deadline Extended

Image of a T-Shirt

The Employee Activities Association (EAA) has extended the deadline for submitting T-shirt designs for this year's Runaround to Friday, July 18th. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your creative design on every runner participating in the October 10th event this year. Art-work may only be submitted by email as either JPEG or PDF digital files and should be sent to Angela Dawn at [email protected]. Pictures of previous years' T-shirts (1978 to 2001) can be seen on the Runaround website. If you have submitted artwork in the past and would like it to be reconsidered, contact EAA. Previous entries are on file.


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