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Friday, Oct. 17, 2008

'Safety Spots' Highlight Lessons Learned

Hear Jim DeYoreo, Deputy Director for Research at the Molecular Foundry, recount the impact on his research when his lab was shut down due to a safety incident. That and more videos can be viewed on the Our Safety website.

steve selkowitzIn The News: Energy-Saving Windows A Legacy Of '70s Oil Crisis

[NPR] Glass buildings with low-emissivity window coatings are springing up in cities across the United States. The remarkable story of this glass starts during the last energy crisis, three decades ago, at Berkeley Lab. "In the mid-'70s, people looked at energy use and said, 'OK, we need more oil, but at the same time, what can we do to reduce the need for it?'" says Steve Selkowitz with the Environmental Energy Technologies Division. audio icon

lightIn The News: Lab Joins With Philips Electronics on Efficient Lighting

[Daily Cal] Berkeley Lab and Royal Philips Electronics announced a collaborative research effort to develop energy efficiency solutions for buildings over the next two-and-a-half years. Philips, a leader in lighting technology, and the Berkeley Lab will develop systems to provide integrated control of key energy-consuming elements in buildings, such as lighting, temperature control and ventilation. More>

wiserPeople: EETD’s Wiser Among Five ‘Most Influential’ Energy Players

Institutional Investor News has identified five individuals that are emerging as serious players in the renewable energy field and are worth watching over the next couple of years. The selected individuals have demonstrated through their expertise and dedication that they are the future leaders of the renewable energy industry. Among the five is Ryan Wiser, with Berkeley Lab’s Environmental Energy Technologies Division. More>

nanoSpecial Event: Speakers for Next Session of Nano*High Selected

Nano*High, a series of free Saturday-morning lectures by Berkeley Lab nanoscientists for high-school students, begins its fall semester on Nov. 15. Paul Alivisatos will give a talk on “The Helios Project: From Photon to Fuel.”  He’ll be followed by Roger Falcone, who will discuss “X-Rays, Lasers, and Molecular Movies” on Dec. 13. All talks begin at 10 a.m. in the Building 66 Auditorium. Registration is required. More>

spacerVideo Feature: August Symposium Honoring Chu Now Available

A symposium honoring the 60th birthday of Berkeley Lab Director Steve Chu was held on August 30. The event, titled “Frontiers in Laser Cooling, Single-Molecule Biophysics and Energy Science,” featured talks by colleagues from throughout Chu’s icon

spacerWorkshop Update: Monday ALS Workshop on X-Ray Imaging for Energy Storage

On Monday, the ALS will hold a workshop dedicated to looking at how synchrotron radiation research can provide answers to some of the challenges associated with energy storage. The workshop, organized by Berkeley Lab's Alastair MacDowell, Venkat Srinivasan, and Vincent Battaglia, will focus on battery technologies, the problems in this field, and possible ways of examining these problems by means of the numerous techniques available using synchrotron radiation. The workshop will take place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Bldg 2-100B. For more information go here, to download the workshop program go here.