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Monday, Nov. 10, 2008
Our Safety, Our Laboratory's Future image

Bike Rack Lowered
For Easier Loading

After hearing concerns from passengers who had difficulty loading their bikes on the #16 shuttle bus, the Lab’s Transportation Department had the rear rack lowered. The rack is now at the same height as those on the other buses, making it easier for cyclists to load their bikes and limiting the chance for injury. Report any hazardous conditions to [email protected]. Visit OurSafety for more on the Lab’s safety efforts.

safetySafety Note: Important Interim Safety Policies In Effect

The Lab has issued important interim safety policies for all laboratories, shops, and work areas, which must be implemented by Nov. 30.

1. Each area must post a standard sign that indicates the hazards and minimum personal protective equipment (PPE) required for that area. An Area Safety Leader must be identified, along with emergency contact information, the Division Safety Coordinator, and the Building Manager.

2. The minimum PPE for areas with hazardous chemicals or biological materials includes safety glasses with side shields and closed-toe shoes. Lab coats, long pants, and appropriate gloves are required when handling chemicals or when there is possible exposure. Areas that allow for reduced PPE must be clearly marked with green floor tape. Gloves and lab coats must not be carried from these areas to common areas such as offices, conference rooms, eating areas, and rest rooms.

3. Food and drink are restricted to areas clearly defined by green and white floor tape and a sign approved by the Area Safety Leader.

Go here for more.

Special Event: Nearly 1,000 Attend Lab's First Job Fair

With more than 150 job openings to fill, mostly in Faciltities and Environment Health and Safety, the Lab hosted its first-ever job fair on Saturday. Despite a persistent rain, nearly 1,000 applicants filed through the cafeteria dining hall and Perseverance Hall to speak with recruiters and learn more about the Lab. Go here for more on the fair, and here to view a brief video on the event.

squidsquirrelIn The News: What Makes a Squirrel, a Squid and a Spider Similar?

[Science Matters] A squirrel, a squid and a spider appear as different as animals can be. Yet the building materials for each — a vast array of protein molecules — are by and large the same. So how can a squid have ultra-flexible tentacles while a spider has stiff, jointed limbs? It boils down to how those proteins are assembled. And the instruction manual for each body, like the code for each protein, is written within an organism's DNA. Michael Eisen, with Berkeley Lab’s Genomics Division, is learning to decipher the instruction manual of the genome. More>

cageSpecial Event:  John Cage Event Looks at Chance in Music and Math

The Legacy of John Cage will be explored in concert and discussion at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute on Wednesday. Members of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s Music Committee, a group of experimental composers and performers will appear in a concert followed by a talk with mathematician, magician, and randomness expert Persi Diaconis (Stanford) and moderated by Bob Osserman, with MSRI. The event is free and will take place in the Simons Auditorium, 17 Gauss way, near Grizzly Peak Blvd. and Centennial Drive. Admission is free.

healthBenefits: Take Advantage of Health Assessments Programs

The Lab's HR Benefits Department encourages employees to take advantage of the health assessment programs available to UC-plan members of Kaiser Permanente (HealthWorks), and those enrolled in UC's other medical plans (StayWell). Family members age 18 and older are eligible to participate in both programs. Note that StayWell's current $75 gift certificate incentive and participant's eligibility are good through Dec. 31. More>

Call for Proposals: Campus Group Offers Funding for Joint Lab-France Projects

The France-Berkeley Fund, a program established by UC Berkeley and the French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères, is seeking proposals for projects jointly submitted by campus professors and/or Berkeley Lab scientists and a professor or researcher affiliated with a French public-research or higher-learning institution. Applications are accepted for work in the humanities, social sciences, exact sciences, applied sciences, and professional schools. All projects will be funded up to $10,000. Application deadline is Jan. 31. More>

Charitable Giving: SHARES Campaign Ends Today

For the 11th year, Berkeley Lab is sponsoring its charitable giving campaign called SHARES (Science for Health, Assistance, Resources, Education, and Services). Employees can sign-up online and use a check or payroll deduction to pay. If donating by check, print the completed form and send to the payroll office at Building 90G-117. Employees can request a paper pledge form by e-mailing [email protected]. The SHARES campaign ends today.