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July 18, 2008

tabl-imageResearch Update:
Nanosized Jaws Perform Like Proteins

Berkeley Lab scientists have developed a nanosized synthetic polymer bundle that can fold in half and trap a zinc molecule between its jaws, a first-of-its-kind feat that mimics how proteins conduct life's vital functions. The scientists' success in coaxing protein-like function from a synthetic polymer is an initial step toward developing nanostructures that combine the precision of proteins with the ruggedness of non-natural materials. Although very primitive by nature's standards, their polymer bundle could lead to highly accurate sensors capable of operating in harsh environments or to disease-targeting pharmaceuticals that last much longer than today's therapies. More>

People: Battery Poster a Prize Winner for EETD Scientists

A poster by Gao Liu, H. H. Zheng, and Vince Battaglia titled "Particles and Binder Interaction in the Lithium-ion Cell Electrodes" was one of 12 winners of the "Most Excellent Poster Award," out of 600 posters presented at the 14th International Meeting on Lithium Ion Batteries (IMLB) in Tianjin, China in June. The IMLB is a major international conference on lithium battery technology that rotates among Europe, Asia, and North America, and the poster award is the sole award presented at the conference. To see the poster go here.

tabl-imageIn the News: Article on Indoor Air Named Best of the Month

A research article by Mark Mendell of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division was named July's "Children's Environmental Health Article of the Month" by the Children's Environmental Health Network. Mendell's article, "Indoor Residential Chemical Emissions as Risk Factors for Respiratory and Allergic Effects in Children: A Review," which appeared in the journal Indoor Air, reports evidence from over 20 studies indicating that many residential materials like particleboard and plastics may be the cause of decreasing indoor air quality and increasing respiratory health problems, such as asthma and allergies in children. Read the article here.

tabl-imageWeb 2.0: Check Out Berkeley Lab's YouTube Channel

Bored with reality shows? Convinced there's nothing good on the tube? Check out Berkeley Lab's YouTube channel, which features more than sixty videos on all things Berkeley Lab, from the death of the dinosaurs to nanotechnology to advances in synthetic biology. It's all here: catch up on the latest summer lectures, relive George Smoot's Nobel Prize press conference, travel to Darfur to see how Lab stoves save lives, and learn how the Lab is tackling the world's energy problem. More>

Blood Drive: Bloodmobile at Cafeteria Next Tuesday

The Philanthropy Club will be hosting a blood drive in the Bloodmobile at the Cafeteria parking lot on Tuesday, July 22, from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Donation rules have changed recently, so even if you didn't qualify previously, you may now. Please stop by and check; your blood could help save lives. First-time donors are welcome! Register for an appointment online here, using sponsor code "LBL." For questions (or encouragement) please call Heather Pinto, x4181.