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July 11, 2008


Research Udpate: Stress Meter for Earthquake Fault Zones

Earth scientists from Berkeley Lab and other institutions have measured how changes in stress in rocks affect changes in the speed of seismic waves at depths where earthquakes begin. The measurements could lead to a "stress meter" for better understanding how fault-zone stress is related to earthquakes. More>

Science Feature: Understanding Hearing, Molecule by Molecule

Berkeley Lab scientists have for the first time pieced together the three-dimensional structure of one of nature’s most exquisite pieces of machinery, a gossamer-like filament of proteins in the inner ear that enables the sense of hearing and balance. More>

TABL-imageEBI News: Climate Change Could Increase State’s Heat, Energy Use

As the 21st century progresses, major cities in heavily air-conditioned California can expect more frequent extreme-heat events because of climate change. This could mean increased electricity demand for the densely populated state, raising the risk of power shortages during heat waves, said Norman Miller, with Berkeley Lab’s Earth Sciences Division. If the electricity were generated using fossil fuels, this could also mean even more emissions of heat-trapping gases that cause climate change. More>

TABL-iimagePeople: Varian Award Given to Alex Pines for Historic NMR Discovery

The Russell Varian Prize, awarded annually by Europe's magnetic resonance community for "a single innovative contribution that has proven of high and broad impact," was presented to Alex Pines last Sunday at the EUROMAR 2008 conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. Pines addressed the conference by video. More>

Multimedia: Videos of First Two Summer Lectures Now Posted

Employees who were unable to attend either of the Lab's first two summer lectures, or just want to experience them again, can now access videos of the talks. The videos include Wes Bethel, with the Computational Research Division, discussing “Scientific Visualization: Seeing the Unseeable,” and Surabi Menon, with EETD, talking about “Regional and Global Climate Change: The Role of Particles and Gases.” Go here to view other Lab YouTube videos.

Benefits Event: Workshop on a Financially Successful Retirement

The Lab’s Benefits Department is hosting a workshop on developing a successful retirement plan on Thursday, July 17, from 1 to 4:30 p.m. in Building 2-100B. Cost is $25, cash only. The session will help staff evaluate their current retirement status and offer guidelines on reaching financial goals. More>