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July 2, 2008

TABL-JGIResearch Update: JGI Announces New DNA Sequencing Projects

In the continuing effort to tap the vast, unexplored reaches of the earth’s microbial and plant domains for bioenergy and environmental applications, the DOE Joint Genome Institute has announced its FY2009 genome sequencing portfolio — 60 billion nucleotides — roughly the equivalent of 20 human genomes.  The 44 new projects include boat-boring bivalve “bugs,” oil-producing microalgae and the stinkbird gut. More>

TABL imagePeople: Physical Bioscientist Fletcher Selected as 2008 White House Fellow

Daniel Fletcher, Deputy Division Director of the Lab’s Physical Biosciences Division, is among those selected by President Bush as a 2008 White House Fellow. The fellowship offers leadership development and public service at the federal level, with members participating in roundtable discussions and study trips to examine U.S. policy in action. Fletcher’s research focuses on the development of new biomedical technologies and the study of cellular biophysics. More>

TABL-fireworksJuly 4 Holiday: Next TABL on Monday, Cafeteria Closes Early Tomorrow

The Lab will be closed on Friday for the Fourth of July holiday. The next issue of “Today at Berkeley Lab” will be published on Monday. Also, the cafeteria will close at 3 p.m. tomorrow. Have a relaxing and safe holiday.

In the News: IBM's 'Noise Free' Lab Key to Future of Nanoelectronics

This week, IBM announced plans to build the world's largest "noise free" nanoelectronic fabrication facilities. Shielding equipment from external electromagnetic, thermal, and seismic noise will help advance research in spintronics, carbon-based devices, and nanophotonics, says IBM. “This is a good sign,” said Berkeley Lab materials scientist Xiang Zhang. More>

Policy Note: Employees Responsible for Reporting Improper Conduct

Employees have the right — and the responsibility — to identify and report improper governmental activities and environment, health and safety concerns without fear of reprisal. Employees are encouraged to discuss concerns with their supervisor, or any level of management. If employees are unable to raise issues, or are uncomfortable doing so, alternative mechanisms are available for reporting, evaluating and addressing concerns. In addition to the employee hotline number (800-403-4744), internal and external resources are available, as listed on Lab and UC posters displayed throughout the Lab.

Free Excess Pick-Up: Request Deadline is Tomorrow; No Hazardous Waste Accepted

Requests for the free pick-up of excess items by the Lab’s Transportation Department must be made by 3 p.m. tomorrow. Requests made today and tomorrow will be fulfilled next week. Go here to access the online request form, or call x6274. The pick-up does not include hazardous waste. Contact your Division Safety Liaison for this kind of removal.