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June 30, 2008

TABL imageResearch Update:
DNA Microarray Technique Could Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics

Berkeley Lab researchers have invented a technique in which DNA assays – the key to personalized medicine – can be read and evaluated with no need of elaborate chemical labeling or sophisticated instrumentation. Based on electrostatic repulsion that yields images visible to the naked eye, the technique could revolutionize the use of DNA microarrays for both research and diagnostics. More>

TABL-negotiationsSummer Lecture: Surabi Menon Discusses Aerosols in Climate Change Tomorrow

Surabi Menon, a physicist in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, presents the second in the 2008 summer lecture series tomorrow at noon in the Bldg 50 auditorium, on the role of particles and gases in regional and global climate change — including the role human activities play in extreme weather events and endangered species, and what we can do about it. Complete Summer Lecture schedule.

TABL-negotiationsResearch Update: Celebrating Completion of the US LHC Collaboration

Ray Orbach, director of the Office of Science, last Wednesday signed off on CD-4B, the last of DOE's "critical decision" series marking the formal completion of the US contribution to CERN's Large Hadron Collider, which includes parts of the accelerator itself, the ATLAS and CMS detectors, the ALICE heavy-ion experiment, and other projects (some ongoing, like the magnet upgrades). See reports on CD-4B from Fermilab and Brookhaven.

Human Resources: Lab Reviewing UC START Program

The University of California has implemented the Staff and Academic Reduction in Time (START) program—a voluntary program in which eligible employees may, with the approval of their department, agree to reduce their working hours and corresponding pay. At this time, Berkeley Lab employees will not be participating in the START Program; however, the Lab is in the process of reviewing the possibility of participating in this program.

Ergonomics: Support for Speech Recognition Program

Users of the speech recognition program Naturally Speaking who are interested in joining a Lab interest group can contact Ciccina Guagliardo (x6490). Prospective users are encouraged to contact Ergonomics Program Manager Ira Janowitz (x6071).

Research Update: Turning Kinesis-1 On and Off

Ken Downing and Charles Sindelar of the Life Sciences Division were members of a team led by Sarah Rice of Northwestern University that discovered how the cargo-carrying molecular motor protein kinesin-1 regulates its travels along microtubules, in order to conserve the cellular fuel ATP. Their report appears in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, online here.

Employee Activities: Water World Tickets on Sale in Cafeteria

A representative from the Employee Activities Association will be in the cafeteria lobby selling discount tickets on Tuesday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The tickets are for general adult/child one-day admission to Water World in Concord for $18 (normally $30), and to Discovery Kingdom for $26 (normally $40). Bring your Lab employee ID and cash or check to the cafeteria lobby. Contact the [email protected] for more information.