Today at Berkeley Lab

Special Event: McGraw Retirement Party Today at 3:30 p.m.

Staff are invited to gather in the cafeteria today at 3:30 p.m. to celebrate the retirement of COO David McGraw. Snacks, cake and champagne will be served. Go here to read a profile of McGraw and his nearly 18-year career with the Lab. More>

Summer Lecture: Wes Bethel Discusses Scientific Visualization Tomorrow

Wes Bethel, leader of the Scientific Visualization Group in the Computational Research Division, kicks off the 2008 summer lecture series tomorrow at noon in the Building 50 Auditorium with a talk on "seeing the unseeable" through scientific visualization — the process of transforming abstract data into comprehensible images using a variety of powerful algorithms and architectures. Complete Summer Lecture schedule

TABL-imageScience News: Project to Sample State’s Summer GHG Emissions

Lab researchers led by EETD’s Marc Fischer are joining a multi-agency project to measure California’s summertime greenhouse gas emissions to determine the state’s relative contribution to the global total. Aircraft with atmospheric sampling devices will fly over the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento Valley areas to quantify regional carbon exchange. More>

TABL-imageScience News: Genome Analysis Sheds Light on Vertebrate Evolution

The newly sequenced genome of a dainty, quill-like sea creature called a lancelet provides the best evidence yet that vertebrate evolution over the past 550 million years was proceeded by a four-fold duplication of the genes of more primitive ancestors. The study was led by Daniel Rokhsar, with Berkeley Lab’s Genomics Division and the Joint Genome Institute. More>

IT Update: Network Change in Building 90

The IT Division is changing the IP subnet configuration in Building 90 to improve the networking environment, which means computers and peripherals using static IP addresses need to be reconfigured on one of the new subnets by July 1. Those not configured will be unable to connect to the network. New IP numbers are available from [email protected]. Contact Ted Sopher (x4144) or Al Early (x7265) for assistance. More>

Science News: LHC’s First Beams to be Inserted in August

The first beams of the Large Hadron Collider are now scheduled to be inserted in August, according to the latest word from CERN — and what's more, according to the LHC Safety Assessment Group, staffed by members from the University of California, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and CERN, the LHC won't destroy the world

Travel Update: New PeopleSoft System is Here

The Lab is replacing Gelco with the new TRavel and EXpense System (TREX) to manage business travel expenses.  Seven divisions have already adopted the online TREX system, which offers improved integration with other Lab business systems, management of expense reports and compliance with policies, among other benefits. It will be deployed across the Lab over the next two months. Send comments or questions to [email protected].

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