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Monday, Sept. 27, 2010

Special Event

Foundry Hosts Nano Film Festival on Thursday

Nano Film Festival

As part of its Annual Users’ Meeting, the Molecular Foundry is hosting a nanoscience film festival on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. in the Building 66 Auditorium. Debuting in 2008, the goal of NanoFest is to bring science to the scientific and non-scientific community via short films. The films can be scientific, educational, or theatrical in nature. Run time for each film is generally under five minutes. E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Douglas DregerPeople: Earth Scientist Helps Figure Out What's Really Shaking

When the earth moves under your feet, the cause isn’t always an earthquake. Many types of phenomena, from the shudders of a glacier to the detonation of a nuclear bomb, can move mountains and get entire regions rocking. Berkeley Lab earth scientist and UC Berkeley professor Douglas Dreger analyzes the seismic signatures left behind by these and other exotic, earthquake-like events. His work is aiding fields as diverse as glaciology, mine rescues, and nuclear-treaty enforcement. More>

In The News: The Supernova's Secrets Cracked at Last?

Supernova[Time] Given the Type II supernovas' cosmic importance, you might think astronomers would have figured out how they work — and in a general way, they have. But when it comes to the most critical few moments of the detonation process, you’d be wrong. Thanks to a new, powerful supercomputer simulation, though, reported in the current Astrophysical Journal, researchers from Princeton and Berkeley Lab are convinced they're getting closer. More>

Funding: Info Session on Discovery Grants on Wednesday

A phone-and-slideshow information session on the proposed new UC Discovery Grants for technologies moving toward commercialization will be held Wednesday from 11 a.m. to noon. The conference call will be of particular interest to PIs considering the funding program or submitting a Letter of Intent. The session call-in number is 866-740-1260 (access code 9879889) and the slideshow is available here (same access code). More>

Video Conferencing Gets CheaperIT: Video Conferencing Gets Cheaper

Beginning Oct. 1, the Information Technologies Division will no longer charge for use of video conference equipment installed in the three public video conference rooms (90-3075, 50B-4205 and 50F-1647) as long as no assistance from IT staff is required. The equipment will be available for use anytime the rooms are available. The free service is limited to IP based calls. IT will provide for-fee, half-hour training sessions on video conference set-up. After training, reserve the room through the normal process and make the video call. Send e-mail or call the Help Desk for more information.

Open HouseOpen House: Cafeteria Lot Closed on Friday; Bus Stop Relocated

To facilitate set-up for the Lab’s Open House this Saturday, the K1 (cafeteria) lot will be closed all of Friday. The bus stop will be moved to the stop sign on the east side of Lawrence Road, near the entrance of the Guest House. The H1 (Building 50) lot will close early that day as well. Lab employees attending the event or working that day must enter the Lab via Blackberry Gate (Strawberry Gate will be closed) and park in any lot except G1, G2, H1, H2, J, K1, K2, N2, Y and Z. Roadways near these lots will also be blocked.

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