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Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010

Public Affairs

Today at Berkeley Lab Moving to Website Format


Lab news happens throughout the day, not just in the morning. To give employees better access to this continual flow of information, Today at Berkeley Lab will in the near future become a web-based publication. This format offers many benefits: articles can be posted as news is generated, changes or corrections can be made on the fly, deadlines for submissions will be shortened, and because of the website’s blog style, stories will have a longer shelf life. The switch will also help Public Affairs comply with the Lab’s strategic initiative on efficiency, saving the unit about $20,000 each year. More>

In The News: Alternative Yardstick to Measure Universe

UniverseAstronomers have long relied on stellar explosions called Type Ia supernovae to measure the scale of the cosmos. But Dovi Poznanski of Berkeley Lab's Computational Cosmology Center believes that a second class of supernovae may now be put to the same use. His most recent findings were published on Oct. 1 in the Astrophysical Journal and featured in the Oct. 23 issue of Nature News. More>

VeteransPolicy: Veterans Day Holiday Option

Eligible employees have the option of using Veterans Day, Thursday, Nov. 11, as a paid holiday (if Cesar Chavez Day has not already been taken as one), with approval from their supervisor. Those who have taken Cesar Chavez Day as a holiday or who will take Veterans Day as a holiday must use a vacation day or leave of absence without pay on Monday, Dec. 27. Go to the Limited Floating Holiday Implementation Guidance webpage for information on eligibility and time-entry procedures. Laboratory policy concerning holidays is in the Regulations and Procedures Manual, Section 2.10. Go here to view the Laboratory's holiday schedule.

Wellness: Nov. 9 Workshop on Caregiver Stress; Eldercare Counseling Sessions on Nov. 17

CaregiverStaff are invited to attend a workshop on "Caregiver Stress and Success" on Tuesday, Nov. 9, at 11:30 a.m. in Perseverance Hall Addition. This workshop will explore the stressors associated with care giving and will provide strategies for self-care including changing negative thinking, advocating for yourself and your elder, getting assistance and support in making difficult care-giving decisions, and finding resource information. Registration required (BLI0108). Free, one-hour eldercare counseling sessions will be available on Wednesday, Nov. 17, from 1 to 4:30 p.m., for the first three employees who sign up. Contact CARE Services (643-7754) to schedule a session.

Tech Transfer: One Click to Meet New IPA Requirements

Last week, within several hours of an e-mailed request from Deputy Director Horst Simon, nearly 1,000 Lab employees and guests went online and completed the required update to the Intellectual Property Acknowledgment (IPA), signed when they joined the Lab. To date, over 2,000 employees and guests have updated their IPAs. Those who haven’t updated their IPA can go here to do so. The update ensures that the University of California will own the rights to intellectual property developed while employees and guests work at the Lab. More>

Special Event: UC Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum on Financing Clean Energy

Employees are invited to attend a forum on financing clean-energy technologies on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. in UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business Andersen Auditorium. Panelists will explore the most promising areas of clean energy, best sources of funding, and the role of government in fostering clean-energy research and developing supportive policies. More>


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