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Monday, May 24, 2010


Preventing Cells From Getting the Kinks Out of DNA


Many standard antibiotics and anti-cancer drugs block the enzymes that snip the kinks and knots out of DNA — DNA tangles are lethal to cells — but the drugs are increasingly encountering resistant bacteria and tumors. A new discovery by Berkeley biochemists — including James Berger of the Physical Biosciences Division — could pave the way for new research into how to redesign these drugs to make them more effective poisons for cancer cells and harmful bacteria. More>

Government Update: Staff From Obama's OMB Visit the Lab

Government Update Last Wednesday, White House officials from the President's Office of Management and Budget visited Berkeley Lab to learn more about advanced energy research and to tour the Lab's national user facilities. Program Associate Director for Natural Resources Sally Ericsson and Chief of the Energy Branch Kevin Carroll met with Director Paul Alivisatos and other senior leaders and toured the Advanced Light Source (ALS), National Center for Electron Microscopy, and the Molecular Foundry. As head of the Natural Resources program, Ericsson is responsible for all energy, environment, and science federal budget development at OMB. Carroll's portfolio includes all energy and science programs at the Department of Energy. They are pictured at the ALS with materials scientist Ken Goldberg (right).

In The News: Bobbing for Carbon

Bobbing[Science Matters] Marine plankton convert a huge portion of the carbon in seawater into seafood. Exactly how much of this biological carbon gets stored in the oceans has a tremendous impact on future climate scenarios. Berkeley Lab earth scientist and UC Berkeley professor Jim Bishop has designed robots that can measure ocean carbon in all seasons and weathers—critical data for a warming world. More>

Employee Activity: Get Fit With Tahitian Cardio Dancing

TahitianLab staff looking for a fun way to exercise are invited to attend the next session of Tahitian Cardio Dancing classes. The classes start May 27 and take place every Thursday from noon to 1 p.m. in the Building 76 recreational room (76-235). This fitness-oriented dance class is based on physically demanding and expressive dance styles from Tahiti and Polynesia. Participants will burn calories, develop core strength, and learn about Tahitian culture.

UC Update: New Regents Staff Advisor Selected

Penelope Herbert of the UC Davis Health System has been selected as the 2010-12 staff advisor-designate to the University of California Regents. As staff advisor-designate, Herbert will represent staff and non-Senate academic employees in board of Regents deliberations and decisions, bringing the voice and perspective of staff and non-Senate academic employees to board deliberations. More>

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