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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Watching Electrons Move in Real Time

Watching Electrons Move

An international team of scientists led by groups from the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ) in Garching, Germany, and from Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley, including Stephen Leone, Zhi-Heng Loh, and Thomas Pfeifer of the Chemical Sciences Division, has used ultrashort flashes of laser light to directly observe the movement of an atom’s outer electrons for the first time. Through a process called attosecond absorption spectroscopy, researchers were able to time the oscillations between simultaneously produced quantum states of valence electrons with great precision. These oscillations drive electron motion. More>

Research: Advances in X-Ray Holography

X-Ray Holography In the July 23 issue of Physical Review Letters a team led by Joachim Stohr of SLAC’s Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), including Tolek Tyliszczak of the Advanced Light Source and Peter Fischer of the Materials Sciences Division, describes HERALDO, a new technique for lensless, high-resolution holographic imaging from a single diffraction pattern. Free electron lasers like the LCLS promise intense pulses of coherent x-rays able to record single-shot scatter patterns for nanoscale imaging, sequential snapshots, and even movies of physical and chemical processes, on length scales of billionths of a meter and time scales of quadrillionths of a second. More>

People: Deputy Operations Officer Takes Position at UCOP

Anita GursahaniAnita Gursahani, the Lab’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer, has taken a job with the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) as Deputy to the Associate Vice President for Operations and Laboratory Management. In her new role, she’ll provide oversight for UCOP of environment, safety and health, security, and property management activities of Berkeley, Livermore, and Los Alamos Labs, among other duties. Gursahani starts work at UCOP on Aug. 23. While here, she led the Lab’s space effort and development of the HSS (Health, Safety, and Security) Corrective Action Plan. “I am excited about the new position but very sad to leave the Lab,” said Gursahani. “The good thing is that I will continue to work with quite a few Lab and Berkeley Site Office staff members in my new position.”

Specks of StardustIn The News: Studying Specks of Stardust at the ALS

[New York Times] Three specks of matter captured by the comet-cruising Stardust spacecraft may indeed be stardust that recently entered our solar system. The specks were found by the Stardust@Home project, directed by Andrew Westphal of UC Berkeley’s Space Sciences Laboratory (SSL) – some 29,000 nonscientists who scour photos of the spacecraft’s aerogel dust collector for bits scientists may have overlooked. The most intriguing of the three appears in this scanning transmission x-ray microscope image made at the Advanced Light Source’s beamline 11.0.2 by Tolek Tyliszczak and SSL’s Anna Butterworth, who were among several researchers who used ALS beamlines to examine Stardust particles. More>

VolunteerOutreach: Volunteer Survey Finishes on High Note

Public Affairs has reported that nearly 500 Lab employees responded to the recent Volunteer Activity Survey. Life Sciences and EETD led the scientific divisions, with Operations having the largest response rate overall. A detailed analysis is now under way. Among the early findings, approximately one-quarter of Lab employees who volunteer contribute more than five hours of their time per week. The activities ranged from educational, political and environmental causes to sports, church, and various civic improvement programs. The results of the survey will help shape plans for organized volunteerism at the Lab over the next several years.

Employee Development: Delegate for UC Staff Group Sought

The Council of UC Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) is comprised of delegates from every UC-managed institution, including Berkeley Lab. The Lab is seeking a new junior delegate to serve alongside a senior delegate for 2010-2011. Members meet quarterly at a different UC campus to discuss issues that affect staff with top UC administrators and regents. Serving on this council is an opportunity for networking with other UC employees, meeting directly with UC Regents, and staying informed and acting on issues most pertinent for the Lab and UC community. Details on who is eligible and the application process are available here. Send applications, due by August 23, to [email protected].

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