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Monday, May 18, 2009

S P E C I A L    E D I T I O N

EH&S Division Director Hatayama to be New Director of Institutional Assurance

hatayamaHoward Hatayama, director of the Lab’s Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) Division, has been named the new Director of Institutional Assurance. Hatayama will transition into his new DIA duties once the search for a new EH&S Division Director has been completed

“Given the critical nature of the EH&S assurance and requirements management and the associated corrective actions, it is essential that we expeditiously identify the right person to fill this position,” says Jim Krupnick, Chief Operating Officer. “I believe Howard is that person.”

Krupnick, who has been serving in the DIA role in addition to his duties as COO, praised Hatayama for being instrumental in preparing the Lab for the recent Health, Safety and Security (HSS) review, leading the effort on critical ISM improvements, promoting aggressive reporting, and establishing an open and transparent relationship with the HSS team. "Howard will bring to the DIA position exactly the right subject matter expertise, mature judgment, and demonstrated ability to partner productively with DOE, UC, and the entire Laboratory community," says Krupnick.

Hatayama came to Berkeley Lab in January 2006 to head up the EH&S Division, which, at the time, was in a state of turmoil. “His calm, steady leadership over the last few years restored direction and stability to EH&S,’ says Krupnick, who also credits Hatayama with rebuilding EH&S capabilities, improving morale and restoring good working relationships with the Berkeley Site Office. “He has helped the division, and the entire Lab, navigate through some particularly rocky seas,” adds Krupnick.

Prior to joining the Lab, Hatayama served as Director of Environment, Safety and Health for the University of California Office of the President's Laboratory Management Office since 1992. In that role he was responsible for administering health, safety, environmental restoration, and waste management aspects of the management contracts with Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos labs. He has played key roles in development and implementation of DOE ES&H programs, including line policy, “Work Smart” standards, Integrated Safety Management, performance indicators and performance improvement measures.

Hatayama’s 30-year career in the environment, health and safety field includes service as a project officer for the California Department of Health Services, a researcher for Economic Cooperation and Development, and consultant to the World Health Organization. He has also served on the board of directors of the National Safety Council and has taught in the UC Berkeley Extension program.

A registered Professional Engineer, Hatayama holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from Claremont McKenna College and a masters in sanitary engineering from UC Berkeley.

The search for a new EH&S division director will be launched immediately.