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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Lecture

Carbon Storage
Topic of July 21 Talk

The second summer lecture will take place next Tuesday, July 21 at noon in the Building 66 auditorium. Curtis Oldenburg, who heads Berkeley Lab’s Geologic Carbon Sequestration Program, will focus on the challenges, opportunities, and research needs of geologic carbon sequestration. And if you missed the first talk, you can watch it on YouTube. Check out the rest of the summer lecture schedule.

ALSStimulus Funding: ALS to Receive $11.3 Million to Improve Facilities

The Advanced Light Source is receiving $11.3 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to improve its facilities and keep it at the cutting edge of soft x-ray science. The largest component, $5.8 million, will go towards acquiring sextupole magnets to increase brightness by a factor of two to three. Other components will enhance the productivity and capacity of the ALS, which serves more than 1,900 scientists annually. It is estimated that the funding will create the equivalent of more than 19 jobs at the Lab and 65 jobs externally. Visit for more details on all ARRA projects.

Research: Early Markers of Alzheimer's Disease Found

alzheimersA large study of patients with mild cognitive impairment revealed that results from cognitive tests and brain scans can work as an early warning system for the subsequent development of Alzheimer's disease. The research found that among 85 participants in the study with mild cognitive impairment, those with low scores on a memory recall test and low glucose metabolism in particular brain regions, as detected through positron emission tomography (PET), had a 15-fold greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease within two years, compared with the others in the study. The study was led by Susan Landau, with principal investigation by William Jagust, both with Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division. More>

batesLab Visitor: City of Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates

As part of a regular meeting with Lab leadership, Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates visited the Hill yesterday, touring the Advanced Light Source and the Old Town area. He also met with Berkeley High teachers and students (pictured with Bates, center, and Center for Science and Engineering Education head Susan Brady, far left in second row) who are participating in internships at the Lab this summer. Discussion topics also included Lab construction and truck traffic, the East Bay Green Corridor program, and possible collaboration on projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

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