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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
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Profiles In Safety:
Ask for Help to Make Your Move Safe

Ron Woods

Think you can lift that 40 lb. box or 500 lb. refrigerator all by yourself? Ron Woods, the Lab’s move coordinator since 1995, urges you to think again. He knows from experience that not asking for help is asking for trouble — in the form of injuries from heavy lifting and tripping. “People sometimes have their own idea about how to move, but most of the time, I can think of a better approach, and they see that I’m there to help them,” he says. More>

loganStimulus Funding: AFRD Gets $11 Million for Heavy Ion Fusion Research

The Accelerator and Fusion Research Division will receive $11 million in funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to construct a new induction linear accelerator (linac) as a facility for conducting research into the physics of high energy density laboratory plasmas. This facility, called NDCX-II (Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment), will be capable of producing intense, short-pulse ion beams for heating matter uniformly. NDCX-II is part of the roadmap of experiments for heavy ion fusion research and will pave the way towards making inertial fusion energy an affordable and environmentally attractive means of producing commercial electricity. Physicist Grant Logan (pictured) heads the fusion energy research group. Visit for more details on all ARRA projects.

argonneSpecial Event: Postdoc Symposium at Argonne Lab in September

The Postdoctoral Office at Argonne National Laboratory is organizing a Postdoctoral Research Symposiumon Sept. 10. Research papers, presented exclusively by postdoctoral fellows, will be accepted in the following general research areas: biology, chemistry and biochemistry, engineering, environmental science, materials science, mathematics and computer science, physics and high-energy physics, and synchrotron research. All presenters and attendees are required to pre-register and pay a $95 registration fee on or before August 3. More>

deerLab Wildlife: We Share the Hill With Some Amazing Animals

While female deer and their young are a fairly common sight for Lab employees, it’s not often one gets to view the breathtaking male antlered version. This buck kindly stopped and posed for  Derrol Hammer, with the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, last week near the Building 71 trailers. Staff who come across wildlife should give the animals plenty of space and avoid contact. Drivers are cautioned to drive slowly along the Lab's roadways to prevent hitting one of these beautiful creatures.

jazzSpecial Event: Downtown Berkeley Hosts Thursday Noon Concerts

The City of Berkeley is once again hosting its free summer concert series, from noon to 1 p.m. at the downtown BART plaza. The Thursday concerts will feature students from Berkeley’s Jazzschool. The series starts this Thursday with a performance by trumpeter Rafa Postel, followed by bassist David Hunter on July 23. Go here to see the full schedule.

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