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Friday, Feb. 27, 2009
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Driving With Just Parking Lights On is 'Ticketable' Offense

The University of California Police Department (UCPD) continues its efforts to ensure safety at the Lab. UCPD officers report that "...drivers are obeying more stop signs and the violations are decreasing.” There have, however, been increases in the number of vehicles driving with only their yellow parking lights on.  According to California Vehicle Code 24800, driving with the parking lights on (without headlamps) is a ticketable offense. When it's raining and windshield wipers are in operation, it is illegal to drive without headlights on. To continue to improve safety at the Lab, drivers are asked to drive with their headlamps on, not just their parking lights, when it starts getting dark.

Go to OurSafety for more on the Lab's safety efforts.

People: EETD's Majumdar Testifies on Building Energy Consumption Before Senate Committee

majumdarArun Majumdar, director of the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, yesterday appeared before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources to testify about reducing energy consumption in buildings. In his remarks, Majumdar said the building sector consumes the largest fraction of U.S. primary energy and is responsible for 40 percent of the carbon emissions, more than transportation and industry. Making buildings more energy efficient may offer one of the best opportunities to economically and rapidly reduce demand and limit emissions. Go here to watch a video of Majumdar's testimony.

kohlerIn The News: Researchers Clearly See Benefits of Efficient Windows

[ABC 7-KGO] President Obama told the Department of Energy to come up with new energy standards for household appliances. He sees energy efficiency as a win-win situation, saving money while fighting global warming. Windows researchers at Berkeley Lab clearly see what the President is talking about. Environmental Energy Technologies Division’s Christian Kohler (pictured) is researching how a low-voltage electro-chromatic coating on a window can make them more energy efficient, thereby reducing the country’s dependence on foreign oil. Dennis DiBartolomeo (EETD) is also featured in the story. More>

alivisatosPeople: Alivisatos to Participate in First-Ever Israel Nanotechnology Conference

Interim Lab Director Paul Alivisatos will be among the speakers at “NanoIsrael 2009,” the first international nanotechnology conference held in Israel. The two-day conference opens on March 30. The event, held as part of the celebrations of Israel's 60th anniversary, will showcase Israeli research and innovation in nanotechnology and bring together world-class experts in the field of nanotechnology. A little closer to home, Alivisatos will deliver a lecture on "The Development of New Nanocrystal Molecules for Biological Sensing and Detecting" at Washington University in St. Louis on Wednesday.

loanDOE Update: Changes Made to Expedite Economic Recovery Funding

After President Obama signed the historic American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law last week, Energy Secretary Steve Chu announced a sweeping reorganization of the Department of Energy’s dispersal of direct loans, loan guarantees and funding contained in the new recovery legislation. The goal of the restructuring is to expedite disbursement of money to begin investments in a new energy economy that will put Americans back to work and create millions of new jobs. More>

logoEmployee Activity: Good Deal on Runaround T-Shirts From Previous Years

With clothing budgets cinched during these tough economic times, employees can find a real deal right here at the Lab. Just $1 will get you a custom, limited-edition, Runaround t-shirt. “Vintage” editions from 2006 and 2007 are available, as well as a few XXL sizes from 2008. Contact Helen Jefferson to make a purchase (cash only).

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