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Thursday, Feb. 5, 2009

Research Update

What’s Killing the Coral Reefs?

An innovative DNA microarray developed at Berkeley Lab is shedding light on what’s killing the world’s coral reefs. The tool, which catalogs the swings in microbial populations associated with disease, may help scientists learn how to preserve one of the ocean’s most important denizens. More>

In The News: Smoot to Teach at New Silicon Valley University

smoot[] Starting this summer, some of the world's leading thinkers in exponentially growing technologies will be gathering annually at Nasa Ames Research Center, in the heart of Silicon Valley, for 10 weeks of discussions on how to change the future. The gatherings will be part of what is known as Singularity University. Among the faculty is Berkeley Lab physicist and Nobel Prize winner George Smoot. More>

aragonIn The News: CRD’s Cecilia Aragon’s High-Flying Hobby

[IEEE Magazine] When she’s not creating software tools for data management, analysis, and visualization, Berkeley Lab computer scientist Cecilia Aragon exercises other parts of her brain as a world-champion aerobatic flyer and flight instructor. This, despite an intense fear of flying as a youth. More> (scroll to second story)

akbariPeople: Akbari Receives Award at Gore's ‘Green Inaugural Ball’ in Washington

What do musician Jackson Browne and Berkeley Lab’s Hashem Akbari have in common? They both are the recipients of “One Degree Less” awards, sponsored by Brazil’s Green Building Council. The awards were presented during the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. on Jan. 17. Akbari, with the Environmental Energy Technologies Division, was recognized for his work on cool roof technology. The ball was hosted by Al Gore to honor incoming president Barack Obama.

CRD reportComputational Research: Latest CRD Report is Available

Stories on new tools that mobilize local data to study environmental issues, David Patterson and his vision of the future of computer architecture, and CRD researchers who travel the globe to share their expertise, are among those included in the latest edition of CRD Report, a bi-monthly newsletter published by the Computational Research Division that features their latest research and news updates.

Proposed Policy: Postdoctoral Fellows

Berkeley Lab is beginning the formal review and employee comment period for the proposed consolidation of its Postdoctoral Fellow policies in Regulations and Procedures Manual (RPM) Section) 2.28. The purpose of the Postdoctoral Fellows policy is to enhance a postdoctoral fellow employee’s work experience by providing performance feedback, and detailing the supervisor’s role in managing a postdoctoral fellow employee, which includes providing guidance, coaching, and mentorship. The policy also addresses recruitment and the length of a postdoctoral fellow appointment. This policy applies to non-represented postdoctoral fellow employees only. Represented employees should contact their union representative or consult their collective bargaining agreement. To comment on this proposed change, contact [email protected] by Feb. 21.